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A Taste of Taiwan

At the mention of beef noodles, many Hong Kongers will think of the Taiwanese version. Self-professed foodies have their own top choices in Taipei. Some favour the noodle shop on Taoyuan Street for its authenticity. Others go for the one on Yongkang Street for its full-bodied soup. Still others say the food at the Jinhua Street shop is most palatable. Some even make gourmet pilgrimages to the halal noodle shop on Zhongxiao East Road with a foodie guidebook in their hands.

Instead of flying to Taipei, you may find toothsome beef noodles at the C.W. Chu College restaurant. A beef noodle aficionado, the proprietor of the restaurant stressed that the beef broth must be balanced, without being too strong or too spicy. Beef is stewed in broth consisting of herbs, vegetables, and spices. He is also particular about the size and shape of the noodles. The custom-made noodles resemble spaghetti in shape, which he believes has a smoother texture.

Named 'beef soup noodles' on the menu, this dish comes with chunks of tender and luscious beef. Perhaps its name is one of the features that distinguish it from its Taiwanese cousins. In Taiwan, if you order 'beef soup noodles', you may be given a bowl of noodles in only beef broth but no beef. Order 'beef noodles' if you want some chunks of beef to chew on.