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Novel Technology to Bioassay DNA and Allergens in One-step

CUHK developed a novel technology 'Lab-on-a-disc (LOAD) Platform – Bioassay Automation' which is able to simplify complex DNA assay and allergen testing procedures to one single step, and results will be available within an hour on-site. This will greatly save the testing cost, time and manpower for sample handling, as well as reduce the chance of human error.

LOAD is developed by a team of researchers from three Faculties of CUHK, led by Prof. Ho Ho-pui Aaron (right), Department of Electronic Engineering; Prof. Patrick K.L. Kwan (centre), honorary clinical associate professor, Department of Medicine & Therapeutics; and Prof. Kong Siu-kai (left), School of Life Sciences. The entire LOAD system is only of the size of an adult's palm. The disposable assay cartridge is a round-shaped plastic disc that operates with a customized circuit board. All it takes is just a drop of the patient's blood on the disc. Using high-speed centrifugal force, the blood will be directed to different chambers through the channels on the disc. The circuit board will control the temperature of each chamber for amplifying DNA, and the chemical reaction will be reported through fluorescent changes. After completion of the automated process, the final result will be sent to the clinician's computer or portable device instantly and wirelessly.
The entire test can be done inside the clinic with just a single step whereas traditional DNA assay involves taking a blood sample from the clinic to a laboratory; adding reagents; reading assay signals with bulky equipment for genetic analysis and other biomarkers. This process often takes several days, and may lead to delayed treatment, prolonged hospital stay and extra clinic visits.

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