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Editor's Note

Dies irae or Day of Judgment of the Requiem Mass features thunderclaps by the timpani, the urgent blast of trumpets, and much wailing of the winds and lamenting of the strings. The cries and pleading evoking apocalyptic scenarios can make the audience jump from their seats. From a geophysical perspective, what causes natural disasters such as earthquakes? The director of the Earth System Science Programme will explain.

Prof. Jiang Liwen has won the Croucher Senior Research Fellowship Award twice within eight years. He talks to us about students, football and his hometown in Guangxi.

K., who has kept up a year-long correspondence with H., has decided to call it quits. Are the waters calm or tumultuous outside the Tolo Harbour? We don't know. But we do know that young people should have the curiosity to explore, and for this, we wish K. every success.


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Prof. Jiang Liwen

Prof. Jiang Liwen shares his 'work-hard, play-hard' attitude with Newsletter readers.