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About the Newsletter

  • Guided by a mission to compile and disseminate accurate information about the University to its stakeholders, the Information Services Office (ISO) is responsible for the publication of the CUHK Newsletter. The CUHK Newsletter welcomes contributions of campus news and information by members and departments / offices / units of the University. The Editor reserves the right not to publish any article submitted, edit its contents, and determine its publication date.
  • The CUHK Newsletter is published on a fortnightly basis except during the Chinese New Year and summer vacation.
  • Deadlines for contributions can be found at
  • All contributions should be sent with the real names, departments and contact details of the contributors to the Editor, CUHK Newsletter, Information Services Office, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Tel: 3943 8681 / 3943 8589; Fax: 2603 6864; Email:
  • Acceptance of a contribution to the CUHK Newsletter implies a transfer of copyright including electronic rights in that contribution to ISO. ISO has the right to reprint or adapt the contribution for other publications (print and online). This transfer of copyright includes all material to be published as part of the article (in any medium), including but not limited to photos, tables, graphs, videos, and other multimedia files.
  • Reproduction of any article contained in the CUHK Newsletter should maintain the integrity of its text. Alterations to the reproduced article should not be made without permission from ISO. A credit line acknowledging the original source should be included. Examples of acknowledgement statement:
    • Reprinted from No. XXX, CUHK Newsletter
    • This article first appeared in No. XXX, CUHK Newsletter, reprinted with permission from Information Services Office, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. (when reprinted by a publication of a more serious nature)
  • Photo Credit: ISO will give credit to the photographer in a format to be determined by ISO in the publications (printed and online) published by ISO. But ISO cannot guarantee that the photo(s) would not be used by other individuals or units of CUHK without ISO's knowledge or consent or without due acknowledgment or credit.
    • Photo courtesy of Information Services Office, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    • Photo courtesy of Information Services Office, CUHK (when reprinted by another CUHK publication)