First Campus-wide ‘GO!’Checklist Submission

27 Apr 2016

E-seals for acknowledging 2015 Competent Green Offices
E-seals for acknowledging
2015 Competent Green Offices

In 2014, all CUHK offices were enrolled in the Green Office Programme (GO!), a campus-wide platform that aims to promote green office practices. 2015 December saw the first campus-wide submission of the annual 'GO! Checklist', which offices used to share their green performance. The GO! Checklist contains 32 green actions that University offices are required to refer to when planning their daily operations and commit to the implementation of at least 16 actions. For 2015, 91% of the 166 participating offices that returned the checklist fulfilled the requirements of the programme. These offices are acknowledged as  'Competent Green Offices' on the GO! website'.

Most offices were able to fulfil at least 16 out of all 30 actions on the checklist. For mandatory actions, while most presented little challenge to member offices, the top three mandatory actions reported to be hardest to fulfil are:

  • Using 100% recycled A3 & A4 white paper for in-house printing and photocopying.
  • Setting the office's/ classroom's air conditioner thermostat temperature to 25.5°C +/- 2°C in the summer and opening windows for free cooling or use our air conditioners' fan instead of cooling function in the winter.
  • Not providing single-serving bottled water at indoor events or corsages at all events.

Among voluntary actions, the one deemed hardest is '10% reduction in office paper use by end of 2015 (compared to 2012) and keeping a record of paper purchase figures for self-monitoring and continuous commitment'. Only 18% of offices that submitted checklists attempted this action.

Besides checking the green actions they have fulfilled, offices also provided comments on circumstances that prevented them from fulfilling the actions or challenges encountered, which offered much insight into the diversity of office environments and allowed the Campus Planning and Sustainability Office and relevant units to offer customized support to offices in need.

The Sustainable Campus e-newsletter is published by the Information Services Office and the Campus Planning and Sustainability Office, CUHK.