Annual Report 2017–18

16 香港中文大學年報 CUHK Annual Report 2017–2018 全球傳播 新聞與傳播學院及英國薩塞克斯大學媒體、 電影與音樂學院合作,開辦四年制全球傳播 社會科學學士課程。學生須前往對方院校上 課,以及參與暑期實習和參觀歐、亞兩地媒 體機構。(上圖) 金融科技 工程學院推出金融科技學工程學士課程,為 香港首創金融科技本科課程。該課程內容涵 蓋工程學發明、金融基建、電子支付系統、電 子貨幣科技、互聯網金融等,並且得到香港 金融管理局及香港應用科技研究院協助,提 供實習及海外交流機會。 商業及法律雙學位課程 工商管理學院及法律學院聯合推出五年制工 商管理學士(工商管理學士綜合課程)及法 律博士雙學位課程。學生也可四年內修畢此 課程,獲取工商管理學士學位及副修法律。 Global Communication The School of Journalismand Communication, together with the School of Media, Film and Music of University of Sussex, launched a four-year Bachelor of Social Science Programme in Global Communication. Students from CUHK will study in the University of Sussex, and vice- versa. They are expected to participate in summer internships and pay visits to media agencies in Asia and Europe. (Top photo) Interdisciplinary FinTech The Faculty of Engineering introduced Hong Kong’s first-ever FinTech undergraduate programme—the Bachelor of Engineering Programme in Financial Technology—which touches on engineering innovations, financialinfrastructures,e-paymentsystems,cryptocurrencytechnologies and internet finance. The programme will draw on the support of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute in providing internships and overseas exchanges. Double Degree in Business and Law The Faculty of Business Administration and the Faculty of Law jointly launched a five-year Bachelor of Business Administration (Integrated BBA Programme) and Juris Doctor double degree programme. Students can also opt to complete the programme in four years with a BBA degree and a minor in Law. 新課程 New Programmes 全面而別出心裁的課程,有助學生把握機遇,適應職場實況。 A broad-based and innovative curriculum puts our students in touch with the real-life work world, as evidenced by the new programmes introduced in the year under review.