Annual Report 2017–18

開闊視野 拓展未來 Broadening the Mind to Open Up a World of Possibilities 17 博群利群 於2017至18年度,博群計劃繼續藉社區活動, 寓學習於服務。以下為年內博群活動概述: • 社會服務計劃 年內,該計劃籌辦逾三十個扶助香港、內 地、海外弱勢社群的小型建築、健康教 育、醫療服務等項目。 • 本地扶貧項目 此項目旨在加深學生對貧窮的了解,並創 造清除貧窮的有利環境。學生參與社區服 務,認識社會議題,培養紓緩貧窮的志向。 • 社區研究計劃 來自不同學系的學生參與社區研究,一起 探索公共議題。2017至18年,兩組隊伍進 行長者家居設計及馬鞍山社區研究計劃。 • 博群大講堂 此活動舉辦一系列以人類和社會/自然相 互關係為題的演講及論壇。來自世界各地 的學者、藝術家、知名人士向中大學生闡 述其人文觀點及對人生意義的看法。2017 至18年度主題講者為龍應台。(上右圖) I  • CARE for Social and Civic Engagement In the year 2017–18, I  • CARE continued to expand students’ horizons through community services and activities outlined below: • Social Service Projects Scheme In the year under review, more than 30 projects in minor works, health education and medical aid, etc., were undertaken to serve marginalized groups in Hong Kong, mainland China, and overseas countries. • Local Poverty Alleviation Initiative This programme aims at addressing the underlying causes of destitution and fostering an enabling environment for poverty alleviation in Hong Kong. Through engaging in community services, students gained first-hand experience about societal issues and built up resolve to moderate poverty. • I  • CARE Community Research Scheme By participating in rigorous studies of the community, students from different disciplines work together to explore various public issues. In 2017–18, two research projects on elderly-friendly home designs and development of the Ma On Shan community were launched. • University Lecture on Civility This programme brought to the CUHK community seminars and forums that manifest the relationship between humanity and society/ nature. Scholars, artists and luminaries from around the world share their unique humanistic points of view with students and shed light on the meanings of life. In 2017–18, Lung Ying-tai was invited to be the keynote speaker for this programme. (Top right photo) 全人教育 Whole-person Education 大學冀利用經驗式教育鼓勵學生全面發展。 Experiential learning opportunities constitute an integral part of the CUHK curriculum to cater for students’ all- round development.