Annual Report 2017–18

18 香港中文大學年報 CUHK Annual Report 2017–2018 VC Cup Championship The winner of the Vice-Chancellor’s Cup of Student Entrepreneurship was ‘WeCareBill’, a team formed by five undergraduate and postgraduate students from the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Business Administration, and the Jockey Club School of Public Health and Primary Care. By researching open data and crowdsourcing information about patients’ medical bills, the team aimed to enhance the transparency of treatment costs in private hospitals. To facilitate easy access to costs of treatment, the platform will be equipped with search engines, chatbots and information dashboard. (Top photo) Minor Programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (EPIN) The new minor programme, open to undergraduate students from all Faculties and Departments, is first-of-its-kind in Hong Kong. Students are required to take 18 credits in three key areas, namely, ‘mindset and values’, ‘knowledge and skills’, and ‘practices’. Experiential learning opportunities, including internship, mentorship, and study tours are provided. 校長杯奪冠 校 長 杯 學 生 創 業 計 劃 比 賽 冠 軍 隊 伍 「WeCareBill」,由來自法律學院、工商管 理學院、賽馬會公共衛生及基層醫療學院的 五位本科及研究生組成。「WeCareBill」利用 「開放資料」及「群眾外包」等工具,取得醫 療帳單資料,藉此增加公眾對私家醫院收費 的了解。其平台備有搜索、聊天機器人及資 料儀表板,方便用家查察醫療費用。(上圖) 創業與創新副修課程 此嶄新副修課程供所有本科生報讀,為香 港首創。學生須於「心態與價值觀」、「知識 與技能」、「實踐」等三部分修讀十八學分, 亦可參與實習、學長輔導計劃、海外遊學等 活動。 創業教育 Entrepreneurship Education 創新及社會企業一向是中大教育不可或缺的一環,年內大學創下不少佳績,足證所言不虛。 Innovation and social entrepreneurship has always been an integral part of CUHK’s education, a fact borne out by our accomplishments in the past year. WeCareBill隊伍 The team of WeCareBill