Annual Report 2017–18

精研探微 格物知新 Exceeding the Limits of Today for a New Tomorrow 31 評估氣候轉變影響 地理與資源管理學系陳永勤教授及其團隊, 研究數十年以來氣候轉變對人類體感溫度 的影響。他的研究結果顯示陸上體感溫度較 實際溫度上升快,直接影響相關危疾發病和 死亡率,使氣候轉變的危害更為顯著,故此 應加強控制氣候轉變。(上圖) 為歐盟把脈 法律學院獲得Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Pro- gramme資助,與多所大學進行2018至21年 度Jean Monnet Network‘EUCROSS’研 究項目,探討歐盟如何重新部署環球事務 策略,以及與國際夥伴合作所遇到的挑戰及 機遇。 剖析貧窮狀況 聖雅各福群會委託社會工作學系黃洪教授 調查香港貧窮現況及扶貧服務成效。黃教授 的研究發現,不少貧窮戶的住屋開支佔家庭 收入一半或以上,而求職時遭受歧視等,都 是致貧原因。 Assessing Climate Change Impact To better assess the impact of climate change, Prof. David Chen of the Department of Geography and Resource Management and his team carried out a research project on the change in apparent temperature (AP), the temperature perceived by humans, over the past few decades. His findings showed that the rise in AP outpaces that of air temperature, and that such a phenomenon would increase the rate of heat-related mortality and morbidity, making the negative impact of climate change more strongly felt. More stringent control on climate change is therefore in order. (Top photo) Diagnosing the Future of EU The Faculty of Law received a major research grant from the Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Programme and joined the multi-institutional Jean Monnet Network ‘EUCROSS’ for 2018–2021 to study EU’s strategic re-orientation in global affairs, and the challenges and opportunities for the bloc to foster cooperation with its international partners. Surveying Poverty St. James Settlement commissioned Prof.WongHung of theDepartment of Social Work to conduct a research project to evaluate Hong Kong’s poverty and the efficacy of poverty alleviation services. His research revealed that high housing expenses, which could exceed 50% of the total household expenditure, and discrimination encountered during job searching, were among the main factors leading to poverty. (左起)陳永勤教授、劉雅章教授、浸大李劍鋒博士 (From left) Prof. David Chen, Prof. Gabriel Lau, and Dr. Li Jianfeng from Hong Kong Baptist University