Annual Report 2017–18

精研探微 格物知新 Exceeding the Limits of Today for a New Tomorrow 33 RGC Awards Prof. Tjonnie Li of the Department of Physics, an expert in gravitational- wave physics, won the Early Career Award (ECA) issued by the Research Grants Council (RGC). His project, ‘Testing the Strong Field Dynamics of Gravity Using Gravitational Waves Emitted by the Mergers of Compact Objects’ earned him the ECA. Another RGC award, the Humanities and Social Sciences Prestigious Fellowship, was presented to Prof. Huang Liqiang of the Department of Psychology in recognition of his project ‘A Review and Update of the Boolean Map Theory’. FinTech Championship In a FinTech hackathon held by the Bank of China Hong Kong in March 2018, the team ‘Lab Viso’ led by Dr. Gabriel Fung and Dr. Keith Wong of the Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management emerged champion of the ‘FinTech Group’. The team hope that the new platform ‘AI Stock Analyzer’—capable of digesting huge amounts of market information and providing personalized stock analyses—would be launched in the near future through participation in the Cyberport Incubation Programme. Prestigious Economic Science Award Prof. Junsen Zhang of the Department of Economics was recipient of the prestigious ‘Sun Yefang Economic Science Award’ in China. He won plaudits for his work on the impact of one-child policy on human capital development in mainland China. 研資局獎項 專研重力波物理的黎冠峰教授,憑「利用致 密星體物合併發射的重力波測試重力的強場 動力學」項目,獲研究資助局頒發「傑出青年 學者獎」。另一同屬研資局獎項的「人文學 及社會科學傑出學者獎」,則頒予心理學系 黃力強教授,以嘉許其「布林圖理論的回顧 和更新」項目。 金融科技比賽奪標 系統工程與工程管理學系馮沛璋博士及 黃民航博士組成「Lab Viso」隊伍,2018年3月 於「中銀香港極客大賽」中,獲「FinTech組 別」冠軍。Lab Viso設計的「人工智能股票分 析平台」,能夠處理大量市場資訊,提供適合 個人需要的股市分析,並且已申請加入「數碼 港培育計劃」。 知名經濟學獎項 經濟學系張俊森教授榮獲中國「孫冶方經濟 學獎」,表揚其一孩政策研究對中國人力資 本發展的貢獻。 黎冠峰教授 Prof. Tjonnie Li 黃力強教授 Prof. Huang Liqiang 馮沛璋博士(左)、黃民航博士 Dr. Gabriel Fung (left) and Dr. Keith Wong