Annual Report 2017–18

精研探微 格物知新 Exceeding the Limits of Today for a New Tomorrow 37 持續發展先驅 「呂志和獎—世界文明獎:持續發展獎」 得主解振華先生,2017年10月4日以「堅定 信心,積極推進全球氣候治理」為題發表演 說。解先生致力在國內推廣減緩氣候變化的 工作,制訂環保政策,使中國成為其他發展 中經濟體的模範。 闡釋數碼化 英國倫敦帝國理工大學商學院科技營運與 創業首席教授艾高  • 歐蒂敖教授,2017年 10月10日及12日主講兩場有關數碼化、創業 及國際化的演講。歐蒂教授曾入選全球管 理學學者五十強之列,其研究在國際學界 具影響力。 Sustainability Champion The LUI Che Woo Prize—Prize for World Civilisation Sustainability Prize laureate, Mr. Xie Zhenhua, delivered a public lecture titled ‘Steadfast Confidence, ActivePromotionofGlobal ClimateGovernance’ on 4 October 2017. Mr. Xie has played an instrumental role in the promotion of climate change prevention in China, and the policies he devised have been adopted by other developing economies. Lectures on Digitalization Prof. Erkko Autio, Chair Professor in Technology Venturing and Entrepreneurship of the Imperial College Business School, was invited to speak on digitalization, entrepreneurship and internationalization on 10 and 12 October 2017. Professor Autio is regarded as one of the top-50 management scholars globally in terms of research impact. 解振華先生 Mr. Xie Zhenhua 艾高 • 歐蒂敖教授 Prof. Erkko Autio