Annual Report 2017–18

36 香港中文大學年報 CUHK Annual Report 2017–2018 音樂與創意 英國劍橋大學音樂系榮休教授Nicho las C o o k教授,出任「莫慶堯訪問計劃」學 者,2018年3月23日以「Music as Creative Practice」為題在大學演講。 邵逸夫獎演講 2017年度邵逸夫獎得主亞諾什  • 科拉爾教授 及克萊爾  • 瓦贊教授2017年9月27日於大學 講授「代數曲面」和投影幾何等題目。兩位數 學名宿在代數幾何範疇取得驕人成就,有 助解析一些長期令人束手無策的問題。 Music and Creativity Emeritus Professor of Music at the University of Cambridge, Prof. Nicholas Cook, delivered a public lecture on ‘Music as Creative Practice’ on 23 March 2018 under the auspices of the Mok Hing Yiu Visiting Professorship Scheme. Shaw Prize Lectures The Shaw Prize in Mathematical Sciences 2017 laureates Prof. János Kollár and Prof. Claire Voisin spoke on algebraic surfaces and projective geometry, respectively, on 27 September 2017 at CUHK. They are noted for their accomplishments in algebraic geometry, which led to the solving of long-standing problems that had appeared out of reach. 親炙大師 Learning from the Masters 年內不少學者蒞臨大學,發表其獨到見解,啟發員生。 Students and staff drew many benefits from the insights of scholars who visited the University in the year under review. Nicholas Cook教授 Prof. Nicholas Cook 亞諾什  • 科拉爾教授(左)、克萊爾  • 瓦贊教授 Prof. János Kollár (left) and Prof. Claire Voisin