Annual Report 2018–19

104 香港中文大學年報 CUHK Annual Report 2018–2019 研究資助及成果 Research Funding and Output 附錄 Appendix 4 研究經費 Research Funding 經費來源 1 Funding Source 1 金額 (以港幣千元為單位) Amount (in thousands of HK dollors) 佔研究經費之百分比 % of Research Funding 不包括「部門研究基金」 Excluding ‘Departmental Research Funds’ 包括「部門研究基金」 Including ‘Departmental Research Funds’ 大學教育資助委員會 University Grants Committee 224,269 36% 12% 研究資助局 Research Grants Council 167,713 27% 9% 香港特別行政區政府及政府相關機構 Hong Kong SAR Government and Government-related Organizations 97,930 16% 5% 香港私人基金 Hong Kong Private Funds 89,899 14% 5% 香港以外資金 Non-Hong Kong 43,622 7% 2% 小計 2 Sub-Total 2 623,433 100% 34% 部門研究基金 3 Department Research Funds 3 1,231,162 — 66% 總計 Total 1,854,595 — 100% 註 Notes: 1. 以上數字源於以「通用數據收集方式」蒐集所得數據整理的研究統計表 63(研究項目及合約)和財務統計表341(部門開支)。 The above figures were prepared based on CDCF research table 63 (Research Grants/Contracts) and finance table 341 (Departmental Expenditure). 2. 所列金額代表2018至19年度開展的新研究項目的經費,尚未撥予該等項目 的款項不計算在內;2018至19年度前已開始並尚在進行的項目,其所獲新 增撥款也不計算在內。 The amount represents value of new research projects awarded with commencement dates in the year of 2018–19. Funds not yet released to these projects have not been included. Further funds allocated to on-going projects with commencement dates before the year of 2018–19 have not been included. 3. 部門研究基金是指:按估計研究活動所需時間估算的研究開支,惟不屬於 整體補助金所支持的「部門成本中心開支」之內,主要包含以下項目: Departmental research funds represent estimated research expenditure classified from ‘departmental cost centre expenditure’ funded by Block Grant according to estimated time spent on research activities. The amount comprises mainly the following items: (以港幣千元為單位) (in thousands of HK dollors) 薪金及福利 Salaries and Benefits 970,926 學術器材及一般開支 Academic Equipment and General Expenses 107,614 研究獎學金 Research Studentships 152,622 扣減:所獲整體補助金撥款 Less: Block Grant Funding Received 0 1,231,162 研究成果 Research Output/Publications 3,489 期刊文章 Journal Publications 2,419 會議論文 Conference Papers 389 專書、專題文章與書章 Scholarly Books, Monographs and Chapters 146 原創與文學作品、顧問報告、個案研究 Creative and Literary Works, Consulting Reports and Case Studies 877 其他 Others 7,320 總數 Total