Annual Report 2018–19

Foreword by the Vice-Chancellor and President 6
Innovation 10
Cell-to-cell signal detected that can lead to poor blood-vessel function in diabetic patients 12
Asia’s first microbiota transplantation and research centre 13
Rapid eye movement sleep behaviour disorder linked to Parkinson’s disease 14
New photodetector to enhance high-speed optical transmission 15
Purifying water with magnetic agents 16
Manufacturing human tissues 17
Lung-cancer expert Tony Mok promotes personalized medicine and targeted therapy 18
Dean of Medicine Francis Chan excels in gastroenterology research 19
Physics and chemistry professors win Croucher Foundation awards 20
CUHK-led research team participates in ‘God Particle’ experiment 21
Professor named among top 20 researchers for non-invasive test for Down syndrome 22
Nine CUHK academics named among world’s most-highly-cited researchers 23
Two psychologists given top honour at International Association of Applied Psychology 24
Professors elected IEEE fellows 24
Six students awarded the Innovation and Technology Scholarships 25
Distinguished alumna named one of China’s top 35 innovators 26
CUHK students sweep top prizes in international mathematics competition 27
Entrepreneurship 28
Mushroom-X: a social enterprise 30
Creative card games 31
Assessing social businesses 32
University celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit with alumni-backed festival 33
Fully automated system for ordering and producing beverages 34
Entrepreneurship competition victory 35
Knowledge Transfer 36
Swarming tactic for nanorobots suggests novel delivery of drugs in the body 38
Engineer invents digital holography-based nano-builder 39
Breakthrough in plant vacuole biogenesis research may improve crop quality 40
World’s first reference-grade wild soybean genome announced 41
Making meat in a test tube 42
Multi-specialty clinical trial using single port robotic surgical system 43
Non-invasive bronchoscopic microwave ablation to treat lung cancer 44
New inhibitors to restrain neurodegeneration discovered 45
Atropine eye drops proved to reduce myopia progression in children 46
Influenza detection kit receives gold award in iGEM competition 47
Report of the Council 48
Objectives and Strategy 50
Financial Performance 52
Financial Position 54
Future Development and Prospects 55
Risks and Mitigation 56
Internal Control and its Effectiveness 57
Governance and Administration 58
Movements of Council Members 60
University Officers and Senior Staff 2018–19 61
Directors of Research Institutes 2018–19 63
Brief Biographies of Council Members 65
Brief Descriptions of Council Committees 83
Membership of Council Committees 86
Attendance Record of Council Members in 2018–19 89
Statement of Contract of Significance 93
Finance 94
Financial Highlights 96
Statements of Comprehensive Income and Expenditure 98
Statements of Financial Position 99
Appendices 100
Students and Graduates 102
Scholarships and Financial Aid for Students 104
Number of Staff 105
Research Funding and Output 106
Library Statistics 107
List of Donors 108
Alumni 111