Annual Report 2018–19

20 香港中文大學年報 CUHK Annual Report 2018–2019 中大教授憑無創產前檢查獲選 全球20位頂尖轉化研究科學家 之一 盧 煜 明 教 授 憑 其 無創 產 前 檢 驗 唐 氏綜合症技術,獲著名期刊 N a t u r e Biotechnology 選為「全球20位頂尖 轉化研究科學家」之一。盧教授發現孕婦 血漿中存在高濃度胎兒DNA,其技術惠 及全球一千萬名孕婦。 Professor named among top 20 researchers for non- invasive test for Down syndrome Prof. Dennis Lo was named among the Top 20 Translational Researchers by the prominent journal Nature Biotechnology , for his development of a robust non-invasive prenatal test for Down syndrome. The testing, which finds fetal DNA in maternal plasma, has been adopted by nearly 10 million pregnant women globally.