Annual Report 2018–19

創業創新 Entrepreneurship 29 創意遊戲卡 中大Catherine McBride教授(中)及其 團隊,從研究及知識轉移服務處獲得可 持續知識轉移項目基金,成立「開彥教 育設計有限公司」。該公司設計首款獲授 專利的「碰碰詞」遊戲卡。該遊戲卡側重 創意及趣味,現時以低價向幼稚園和非 政府組織派發,也將授權某公司製造及 出售。 Creative card games Prof. Catherine McBride (centre) of CUHK and her team members set up Cayan Educational Design Limited with funding from the Sustainable Knowledge Transfer Project Fund of the Office of Research and Knowledge Transfer Services. The team patented BumperCards, a card game that encourages creativity and fun. BumperCards are now distributed to kindergartens and NGOs at a low price, and will be licensed to a corporation.