Annual Report 2018–19

知識轉移 Knowledge Transfer 45 流感檢測器於國際遺傳工程機器 設計競賽折桂 由十二名來自不同學院本科生組成的隊 伍,憑着快速辨別流感病毒的技術,在波 士頓舉行的國際遺傳工程機器設計世界 賽中榮獲金獎。該測試系統能約於三十 分鐘辨別流感病毒種類。 Influenza detection kit receives gold award in iGEM competition A team of 12 undergraduate students from different Faculties was awarded a gold medal at the International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition (iGEM) 2018 Giant Jamboree held in Boston for developing a novel rapid test for influenza subtypes. The tool kit developed by the team can distinguish the subtype of the flu virus in about 30 minutes.