Annual Report 2018–19

大學校董會報告 Report of the Council 53 Pursuant to the government’s commitment to promoting innovation and technology development, over $100 billion was earmarked in the 2019–20 government budget. Given the University’s research strengths in biotechnology, artificial intelligence, smart city and Fintech, the University is in an excellent position to partake, inter alia, in two innovative clusters in the Science Park, namely, Health@InnoHK focusing on healthcare technologies and AIR@InnoHK focusing on artificial intelligence and robotics technologies, in collaboration with leading universities and the industries to achieve innovative research targeting for unprecedented societal impact. The University also treasures the funding opportunities available from the government for refurbishing the University campus, enhancing teaching and research facilities, supporting public healthcare and sustaining research and development. The University will spare no effort in achieving excellence and innovation in education and research. The University welcomes the launch of the Eighth Matching Grant Scheme for 10 publicly funded post-secondary education institutions with effect from 1 July 2019. With the staunch and generous support of our benefactors, the University has already reached the Matching Grant ceiling of $600 million. The donations will go a long way to augment the University’s strategic initiatives and development. 未來發展及展望 Future Development and Prospects 香港特別行政區政府對於推動創新及科 技發展不遺餘力,根據2019至20年度的 財政預算案,政府承諾預留超過一千億 元推動創新及科技發展。大學在生物科 技、人工智能、智慧城市及金融科技四大 領域皆已有長足優勢,故此參與政府於 香港科學園設立的兩個創新平台,分別 是專注醫療科技的「Health@InnoHK」 以及專注人工智能及機械人科技的 「AIR@InnoHK」,藉此與世界頂尖大學 及業界合作,為社會開展前所未有的創新 研究。大學亦會把握機會申請政府其他 撥款項目,從而為大學更新校園建設、優 化教學及研究設施、支援公共醫療衛生 及持續研究和發展。大學將全力以赴在 教育和科研中追求卓越和創新。 大學歡迎為十間政府資助的專上教育院 校推行的第八輪配對補助金計劃,該計 劃在2019年7月1日正式推出。憑着捐款 人堅定和慷慨的支持,大學已取得六億 元配對補助金的上限。所有的捐款會配 合大學長遠策略性倡議及發展。