Annual Report 2020–21

多元共融 Diversity and Inclusion 55 從亞美尼亞來到中大修讀人工智能: 系統與科技的Khachatur Dallakyan與 主修生物的本地生林樹謙於一次遠足 活動上結識。行山時,二人談及各自的 家鄉文化和歷史,發現彼此的理想、興 趣與信念非常相似,就此一拍即合。 「多得樹謙,我來港後很快便適應新的 環境。」Khachatur說。 二人在中大校園共度不少美好時光, 山城風光亦令Khachatur想起故鄉的 怡人景致。「美不勝收的塞文湖就像 中大的合一亭──陽光明媚的日子, 你可以在水面清楚看到藍天倒影呢!」 Khachatur笑說。 Ginenus Fekadu Mekonen出生於西 埃塞俄比亞一條遙遠的村落,他自幼便 明白教育的機會得來不易,亦是他改變 命運的唯一方法。因此,即使每天要赤 腳步行數小時,他依然堅持上學。 在他剛完成大學入學試之際,卻因國家 發生政治動盪,很多人被扣上莫須有的 罪名,他不幸是其中一個,被判入獄。 縱然牢獄生活非常刻苦,但Ginenus 不想浪費天賦的讀書才能,多次苦苦 哀求獄吏,最終他獲准轉到和萊迦大 學旁的懲教所服刑,並在大學繼續學 業。由於Ginenus 是學校和獄中的模 範生,法庭決定重審其案件,最終判 他無罪。 甚麼原因令Ginenus遠渡重洋來到中大 修讀藥劑學研究課程呢? 「其一,我對中大一流的教學和研究略 有所聞。但更重要的是,不管你的出身 和過去是怎樣,中大都會給予每一個人 發光發熱的機會。」 Born in a faraway village in Western Ethiopia, Ginenus Fekadu Mekonen knew from an early age that education did not come easy and was the only way for him to change his fate. He insisted on going to school every day even though he had to trek barefoot for hours just to reach the destination. Just as he finished his university entrance exam, he happened to be one of the many who were falsely accused of crimes they did not commit following a political upheaval in his country. He was sentenced to imprisonment. Despite immense hardships, Ginenus did not want to waste his talent for studying. Having besought the prison officers time after time, he was eventually transferred to a prison facility next to the Wollega University, where he received his higher education. Later, given his model behaviour on campus and in prison, the court reopened his case. At last, he was found not guilty. So what made Ginenus decide to come to CUHK to pursue his postgraduate studies in Pharmacy? ‘For one, I heard that the research experience and education provided here are top-notch. But more importantly, regardless of your background and past, CUHK is willing to give everyone a chance to shine.’ Khachatur Dallakyan, an Armenian student majoring in Artificial Intelligence: Systems and Technologies at CUHK, first met Andy Lam, a local Biology student, at a hiking activity, during which they talked about the culture and history of their homeland. Having remarkably similar ideals, interests and beliefs, the duo hit it off right away. ‘Thanks to Andy, I was already feeling at home in the new environment shortly after I arrived in Hong Kong,’ Khachatur said. The two friends have been spending some good time on the CUHK campus, which reminded Khachatur of his home. ‘The breathtaking Lake Sevan works just like CUHK’s Pavilion of Harmony—you can clearly see the inverted sky reflected on the water surface on a sunny day!’ he chortled. 異國兄弟情 Friendship across Different Seas 疾風知勁草 Fire Tests Gold 藥劑學博士生Ginenus Fekadu Mekonen感謝 中大給予他發光發熱的 機會。 The Pharmacy postgraduate from Ethiopia, Ginenus Fekadu Mekonen, thanks CUHK for giving him a chance to shine. 亞美尼亞學生Khachatur Dallakyan與他的中大好友 林樹謙。 Khachatur Dallakyan from Armenia and his best friend at CUHK, Andy Lam. 6 6 5 5