Annual Report 1994-95

Academic Development 學術發展 17 文學院重要發展 Major Events in the Faculty of Ar ts • 翻譯系開設翻譯文學士學位課程。 • 宗教系開設宗教硏究哲學博士學位課程。 • 歷史系完成歷史哲學博士學位課程籌備工作;該課程將於一九九五至九六年度開設。該系又修 訂其哲學碩士學位課程,於一九九五至九六年度推行。 • 學院完成西班牙文基礎科目籌備工作。該等科目將於一九九五至九六年度開設,獲西班牙政府 贊助。 • 有關條例及規程於年內獲修訂後,修畢音樂(作曲)哲學博士學位課程、音樂創作文學碩士學位 課程和藝術創作哲學碩士學位課程者,依次獲頒音樂博士學位、音樂碩士學位和藝術碩士學 位。 • 統一語文自學中心的中、英文組,以提供更佳自學設施,讓學生和教職員改進中英語文能力。 • The Department of Translation launched a BA programme in translation. • The Department of Religion launched a Ph.D. programme in religious studies. • The Department of History finalized preparations for a Ph.D. programme in history, to be launched in 1995-96. Its M.Phil. programme was revised and the new programme will be offered in 1995-96. • The faculty finalized preparations for launching foundation courses in Spanish in 1995- 96, under the sponsorship of the Spanish government. • With the completion of statutory amendments, the degrees of Doctor of Music, Master of Music and Master of Fine Arts we re c o n f e r r ed u p o n students g r adua t i ng f r om programmes previously offered as Ph.D. in music (composition), MA in composition and M.Phil. in fine arts (studio art) respectively. • The English and Chinese sections of the Independent Learning Centre were combined to integrate self-learning facilities for students and staff to improve their language abilities.