Annual Report 1994-95

Academic Development 學術發展 19 教育學院重要發展 Major Events in the Faculty of Educat ion • 學院響應教育統籌委員會《第五號報告書》的建議,開設兩年全日制小學教育學士學位課程。 • 體育運動科學系開設三項新課程:全日制體育運動科學教育學士學位課程、體育運動科學教育 碩士學位課程,以及體育運動科學哲學碩士學位課程。 • 成立教學發展組,以創造條件改進中大的教學質素。 • The faculty launched a two-year full-time B.Ed. programme in p r i ma ry education in response to the recommendations of the Education Commission's Report No.5. • The Department of Sports Science and Physical Education initiated three n ew degree programmes : a full-time B.Ed. programme in physical education and sports science, an M.Ed. programme in sports science and physical education, and an M.Phil. programme in sports science and physical education. • The faculty set up a Teaching Development Unit to create an environment conducive to improvement in leaching quality at CUHK.