Annual Report 1994-95

2 0 學術發展 Academic Development 工程學院重要發展 Major Events in the Faculty of Engineer ing • 開設機械及自動化工程學系,並收錄首批學生。 • 電子計算學系完成計算機科學理學碩士全日制修讀課程籌備工作。該課程將於一九九五至九六 年度開設。該系正籌備開設內容相類但盈虧自負的理學碩士兼讀課程。 • 訊息工程學系以其香港教育訊息網絡爲基礎,開發連繫本地中學、大學和教育機構的資訊超級 公路。 • 學院主辦多項學術會議和工作坊,包括「第四屆生產及工程之數據與知識系統國際會議」、 「光纖、無線電及網絡技術研討會」、「光電子學研討會」、「第八屆世界電腦國際象棋錦標 賽」、「資訊科技:香港邁向新工業」國際硏討會。 • The Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering was formally established and admitted its first batch of students. • The Department of Computer Science finalized preparations for a full-time taught M.Sc. programme in computer science, to be launched in 1995-96. It also prepared to launch a similar part-time M.Sc. programme on a self-financing basis. • The Department of Information Engineering used its Ho ng Ko ng Educational Information Ne t wo rk as the basis for the development of an information superhighway connecting all local secondary schools, universities and educational organizations. • The faculty organized and hosted a number of academic conferences and workshops, i n c l u d i ng the Fourth International Conference o n Data and K n ow l e d ge Systems for Manufacturing and Engineering, the Workshop on Lightwave, Wireless and Networking Te c h n o l o g i e s, the Op t o - e l e c t r o n i cs Wo r k s h o p, the Eighth Wo r ld Comp u t er Chess Championship, and an international f o r um o n 'Information Technology, the Next N ew Industry for H o ng Kong'.