Annual Report 1994-95

Academic Development 學術發展 23 社會科學院重要發展 Major Events in the Faculty of Social Science • 社會工作學系開設社會工作哲學碩士學位課程。 • 心理學系完成工業及組織心理學社會科碩士學位課程籌備工作。該課程資源許可時收生。 政府亦邀請心理學系擴充臨牀心理學哲學碩士課程學生名額,以應付社會需求。 • 建築學本科課程獲香港建築師學會聯合考察委員會認可,爲期五年。建築學系又完成建築碩士 學位課程籌備工作,將於一九九五至九六年度收生。 • 院內部分學系於年內遷進新廈 :建築學系、地理系、心理學系和社會學系均遷進王福元樓,院 務室亦遷進崇基教學樓第三座。 • The Social Work Department launched an M.Phil. programme in social work. • The Psychology Department finalized preparations for a n M.S.Sc. p r og r amme in industrial-organizational psychology, to be launched wh en resources become available. The department was also requested by the government to expand its intake in the M.Phil. programme in clinical psychology to meet social demand for more clinical psychology services. • The undergraduate programme of the Architecture Department was accredited for five years by the Joint Visitation Bo a rd o f the Ho ng Kong Institute of Architects. The department also finalized preparation for a Master of Architecture programme to be launched in 1995-96. • New facilities wereprovidedforseveraldepartmentsduringtheyear:theDepartments of Architecture, Geography, Psychology, and Sociology moved into the Wong Foo Yuan Building, and faculty office into Teaching Building Block III on Chung Chi campus. 建築學系工作坊(左上)、地理系實驗室(左下)和心理學系兒童治療室 (右)遷進王福元樓的新貌 New facilities in the Wong Foo Yuan Building : (upper left) architectural studio, (lower left) a laboratory of the Geography Department, and (right) the Child Therapy Room of the Psychology Department