Annual Report 1994-95

2 2 學術發展 Academic Development 理學院重要發展 Major Events in the Faculty of Science • 數學系和物理系均開設理學碩士學位修讀課程,亦於各自的理學士學位課程引入應用組。 • 食品科學(將於一九九五至九六年度易名食品及營養科學)理學士課程擴展爲正式課程。 • 學院成立確保教學素質檢討委員會,監察學系執行確保教學素質的程序,並檢討執行程序和提 出改善建議。 • 與工程學院創辦普及科學期刊《攀登》,又舉辦一連串科學普及講座向中學生介紹大學的理工 科。 • The Departments of Mathematics and Physics launched taught M.Sc. programmes. They also introduced an applied stream to their respective B.Sc. programmes. • The B.Sc. programme in food science (to be renamed B.Sc. programme in food and nutritional sciences in 1995-96) was launched as a full programme. • A Teaching Quality Assurance Review Committee was established within the faculty to mo n i t or the i mp l emen t a t i on of teaching quality assurance procedures in various departments, and to make necessary reviews and recommendations. • Reach, a n ews p a p er targeted at secondary s c hool students, was l a u n c h ed i n collaboration w i th the Faculty of Engineering to introduce the University's science education. Popular science talks were also initiated. 教硏人員開展食品科 學實驗 Academic staff conducting food science experiments