Annual Report 1994-95

Research 硏究 25 研究 Researc h 香港中文大學向知優秀的大學必須著重硏究。校方於一九九四至九五年度正式通過一 項有關研究、諮詢顧問服務及知識產權的政策,闡釋及重申校內同人對硏究活動的共識, 內容如下: 研究是中大學術活動的重要組成部分,用以: •汲納各科專才並激勵其探究精神,從而確保高質素的教學,培育優秀學生; •訓練研究生,配合社會日益複雜精細的需求; •增進人類知識; •在急速發展和變遷的年代,就本地和區域所關注的課題進行剖析; •開發具實用價値的知識產品,裨益人群,匡助香港和亞太區的工業和經濟發展。 The importance of research i n a leading University such as CUHK has always been w e l l recognized. I n 1994-95, the University f o r ma l ly a d o p t ed a Policy o n Research, Consultancies and Intellectual Property, w h i c h clearly articulates the consensus w i t h in the University scholarly c ommu n i ty about the role of research : CUHK regards research as an integral and essential part of its academic activities, and it is intended that research should serve the following functions: • to a t t r a c t , retain and enhance the most enquiring minds, and therefore ensure the highest standards in teaching, and the best graduates that society needs ; • in particular through research to train postgraduate students for the increasingly sophisticated needs of society ; • to contribute to the advancement of human knowledge ; • to contribute to the elucidation and analysis of issues of local and regional concern, especially in an era of rapid development and transformation ; and • through applied research to develop products and processes that are of practical utility, to benefit humankind, and to contribute to the industry and economy of Hong Kong and the region. 研 究 經費 R e s e a r c h F u n d i n g 校內基本設施及人力資源,向由政府撥款資助,爲研究活動之基礎。至於個別研究項 目的經費,則主要來自香港研究資助局;此等需角逐之撥款,在過去數年增長迅速,獲資 助項目逐年遞升,充分顯示本校教研人員的競爭實力和驕人成績。