Annual Report 1997-98

一九九七至九八年度全職教職員職别/職級分布圖 Distribution of Full-time Staff by Job Types/Grades 1997-98 註 : 以 一 九 九 八 年 六 月 三 十 日 之 紀 錄 計算 Note : A l l figures as at 30th Jun e 199 8 Personnel Policies and Conditions of Service Academic excellenc e ha s bee n a majo r criterio n i n th e recruitment o f teachin g staff , b e the y regula r teacher s or scholars appointe d o n a short-ter m o r visitin g basi s t o provide adde d impetu s t o loca l academia . All ne w teachin g an d administrativ e staf f ar e appointe d o n contract term s initiall y t o provid e greate r flexibilit y i n th e deployment o f huma n resource s i n individua l departments . Reviews for contrac t renewa l wer e regularize d int o a half - yearly exercise , drawin g inpu t fro m variou s partie s concerned and seekin g appraisa l report s wher e appropriate . A ne w leav e schem e fo r teachin g staf f wa s als o introduce d in Januar y 199 8 t o allo w teacher s t o accumulat e untake n long leav e u p t o si x months . Teachin g staf f ma y thu s us e the longe r perio d o f accumulate d leav e t o carr y ou t concentrated researc h or othe r scholarl y endeavours . Following th e revision s mad e b y th e Hospita l Authorit y i n the remuneratio n packag e o f it s employees , th e Universit y also introduce d fo r it s ne w clinica l academi c appointee s a monthly fixed-su m allowance , which , unlik e th e previou s Cash Allowanc e an d th e Fixed—Flex i Allowances , i s a fixe d amount instea d o f a fixe d percentag e o f salar y pegge d t o each salar y point . Other personnel-related procedure s wer e reviewe d t o enhance th e efficienc y an d effectivenes s o f th e University' s personnel managemen t practices . The y include d rule s for the preventio n o f doubl e housin g benefits , advisor y guidelines for th e appointmen t o f teachin g staff , regulation s on part-tim e teaching , an d procedure s fo r vis a application . The Chinese Universityof Hong Kong Annual Report Staff 59