Annual Report 2001–02

教育學院重要發展 Major Events in the Faculty of Education 口學院舉辦了三個傑出訪問學人公開講座,分別由哈佛大學 敎育硏究院 Prof. Howard Gardner 、柏克萊加州大學 Prof. David Pearson ,以及倫敦大學敎育硏究學院 Prof. John White 主講。 口學院成立了美國國家寫作計劃的首個亞洲活動中心,定名 為 Wr I TE ,並於二零零二年七月舉辦英語敎師夏日工作 坊,以提升香港的英語敎育水平。 口敎育學院課程與敎學學系、香港敎育硏究所、台北師範學 院和人民敎育出版社課程敎材硏究所,於二零零二年一月 合辦「第四屆兩岸三地課程理論硏討會:課程統整比較硏 究」,匯集了三百多名香港、澳門、深圳及台灣的敎育工 作者交流經驗。 口香港中文大學「運動員獎學金計劃」於二零零一年設立, 以激勵和支持精英運動員。具卓越表現的香港代表隊或香 港青年軍成員,可循該計劃入讀本校本科課程。 口 The faculty organized three public lectures by distinguished visiting professors: 'Good Work: When Excellence and Ethics Meet in School', by Prof. Howard Gardner, Harvard Graduate School of Education; 'Literacy Teacher Education: The Status of the Knowledge Base' by Prof. David Pearson, University of California, Berkeley; and 'What Is Education for? The School Curriculum and Its Aims in Hong Kong and Britain' by Prof. John White, University of London. • The faculty hosted the US National Writing Project's first site in Asia entitled the Hong Kong WrITE (Writing for Integrated Teacher Education) project.. The WrITE summer institute was organized in July 2002 for the local English language teaching community. 口 The Fourth Curriculum Theory Seminar: Study of Curriculum Integration, organized by the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, the Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research, Taipei Teachers College, and the Curriculum and Teaching Materials Research Institute of the People's Education Press was held in January 2002 for more than 300 educators from Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen, and Taiwan. • The CUHK Sports Scholarship Scheme was established in 2001 for outstanding junior athletes of the Hong Kong National Squad and the Youth Squad. The scheme enables them to gain admission to the University based on their athletic achievements and ability. The aim of the scholarship scheme is to support students who show exceptional sporting ability.