Annual Report 2001–02

二零零一至二零零二年度研究成果分布圖 Distribution of Research Output 2001-2002 研究成果 出版 發表專論是學術活動的重要一環。本校的硏究成果 屢獲國際和本地權威期刊刊載。以二零零一至二零 零二年度計算,本校敎硏人員發表專論共五千七百 多項。 專利權 大學鼓勵敎硏人員公布新的發現、申請專利權,以 及將科技轉移作工商業應用,以回饋社會。 截至二零零二年六月,中大及其敎硏人員已取得兩 項註冊商標和二十九項專利(二十二項美國專利, 兩項中國專利,一項歐洲專利及四項香港專利), 涵蓋生物技術、資訊科技、藥物醫療技術,以及材 料科學。不少獲得專利權的科技,已成功轉移,裨 益社會。 Research Output Publications The results of research take the form of conference papers, books, monographs, reviews, or articles published in prestigious international and local journals. For the year 2001-2, over 5,700 items of research output were recorded. Patents The University encourages inventors among its staff to disclose their discoveries, apply for patents, and transfer the technologies to the community. As of June 2002, CUHK and its staff secured two registered trademarks and 29 patents (22 US, two Chinese, one European, and four Hong Kong), covering fields inbiotechnol medical technology, and materials science. Many of the patented technologies have been successfully transferred. 研究 r e s e a r c h 42