Annual Report 2001–02

傑出研究計劃 Outstanding Research Project 理學院 F a c u l t y o f S c i e n c e 光催化技術 Development of Photocatalytic Technology 化學系余濟美敎授一九九六年起開展增強光催化劑效益的硏究,製成的高效光催化劑 在太陽光或近紫外光的照射下,能激發一系列的化學反應並產生羥自由基。這些自由 基能夠氧化及降解大部分有機及無機污染物。硏究小組更硏發了負載於情性載體上的 二氧化鈦薄膜,並用以淨化水及空氣。硏究小組又與工業界緊密合作,開發了殺菌及 超親水性光催化薄膜。他們的 Na n o PCO™ 技術及 FOTOC I DE 魚缸水滅菌系統已經商 業化,用於空氣淨化及水處理系統中。後者更榮獲二零零二年香港工業獎之廠商會機 械及設備設計獎。 Prof. Jimmy Yu of the Department of Chemistry has been working on photocatalyst modification and enhancement since 1996. These processes help improve the efficiency of titanium dioxide-based photocatalysts, which initiate a series of chemical reactions to generate hydroxyl radicals upon illumination by sunlight or near UV light. Hydroxyl radicals can oxidize and degrade most organic and inorganic pollutants. Methods for coating photocatalytic thin films of titanium dioxide on inert substrates have been developed, and can be used for water purification and air pollution technology and FOTOCIDE Fish Tank Water Disinfection System have been commercialized and licensed for use in air purification systems and high-end water treatment. The latter was also awarded the 2002 Hong Kong Award for Industry: CMA Machinery and Equipment Design Award.