Annual Report 2001–02

利用游離核酸濃度斷症 化學病理學系盧煜明敎授的硏究小組繼較早前發明 非入侵性產前檢查技術後,再開發新技術,透過量 度體內游離核酸來斷症。他們發現血漿內的核糖核 酸濃度,可作為定量測量基因表現的方法,有助於 癌症及產前非入侵性的檢查。校方已授權一間本地 醫藥科技檢測公司繼續開發及推廣是項技術。 可應用於銀行業客戶關係管理的先進 技術 銀行業現今競爭激列,銀行每每須從現有客戶中開 拓更多商機。它們存有大量客戶的年度活動資料, 但這些資料未經處理,不適用於市場推廣或其他商 業活動。所有原始資料須經過標準化、格式化及分 類等提煉過程,才可轉化為有用的市場推廣變數如 目標顧客的職業、生命階段和社會階級等。 工商管理學院的客戶關係管理專家開發了一套數值 處理步驟和分析模型,協助本地金融業推展其客戶 關係管理策略。該技術已為多個銀行集團採用。 films coating technology to water treatment by developing a nanometer TiO 2 coating technique which is able to absorb harmful ultraviolet radiation, degrade pollutants, and kill bacteria on contact. This material is also anti-fogging and self-cleaning. According to the latest experimental results, water treatment systems equipped with Prof. Yu's nano- coating technology possess better bactericidal activity than conventional water treatment systems. The technology has already been commercialized, benefiting seafood traders and the catering industry in the main. Evaluating Disease Condition by Measuring Circulating Nucleic Acids Prof. Dennis Lo of the Department of Chemical Pathology and his team have furthered their research on measuring circulating nucleic acids in the plasma and developed new applications in addition to the non-invasive prenatal monitoring technology. One application recently developed is the quantitative measurement of gene expression by plasma RNA analysis. This technology has applications in cancer detection and non-invasive prenatal monitoring, and has been licensed to a local healthcare and diagnostic company for further exploitation. Advanced CRM Techniques for the Banking Industry Today's competitive business environment compels the banking industry to generate more business opportunity from existing customers. The industry collects a colossal amount of customer data a year but such raw data cannot be readily used for marketing or other business activities. They have to be first converted into meaningful information through data cleansing, i.e. standardizing, formatting, and classifying. Moreover, key marketing variables such as occupation, life stage, social class are not always directly observed, and they have to be deduced from all available data sources for marketing actions. A team of experts in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in the Faculty of Business Administration developed a set of numerical procedures and analytical models with an aim to assist the local financial industry in implementing CRM strategy in their operations. The CRM technique has already been transferred to a number of banking groups. 余濟美敎授與其發明的魚缸水滅菌系統 Prof. Jimmy Yu and his Fish Tank Water Disinfection System 盧煜明敎授(左)致力開發游離核酸斷症技術 Prof. Dennis Lo (left) — a pioneer in developing applications from the measurement of circulating nucleic acids in the plasma 硏究 r e s e a r c h 48