Annual Report 2001–02

傑出研究計劃OutstandingResearchProject 香港自助組織的普遍性、角色和功能 Prevalence, Role, and Function of Self-help Groups in Hong Kong 正當香港特區政府以三億港元設立「社區投資共享基金」,推 動社區互助精神之際,這項由社會工作學系莫邦豪敎授主持 的硏究發現,香港的自助組織早已高速發展,組織數目在十 年間激增至原有數目的七倍。長期病患者、弱能人士、單親 父母和新來港人士,皆因參與這些組織而在心理上、社交上 和經濟上獲益。這項硏究對於了解自助組織的運作十分有 用,並對政府制訂社會福利政策有重要啟示。 At a time when the HKSAR government decided to set up a HK$300 million Community Investment and Inclusion Fund to encourage mutual aid at the grassroots level, this research, headed by Prof. Mok Bong-ho of the Department of Social Work, reported a phenomenal proliferation of self-help groups in Hong Kong, the number of which had grown sevenfold in 10 years. The major finding of the research indicated that a variety of people, including the chronically ill, the physically and mentally disabled, single parents, and new arrivals from the mainland benefited psychologically, socially, and economically from involvement in these groups. This research has also provided useful knowledge for understanding and working with self-help groups as a way to harness popular participation in social service. Research findings have important implications for social welfare policy.