Annual Report 2001–02

校長報告 Vice-Chancellor's Review 這是我任內的第六份報告,也是最後的一份。在撰 寫報告的此刻,大學校董會已經接納了我的請辭, 而我亦接受了香港特別行政區行政長官,也即是大 學監督的邀請,將於二零零二年八月一日起,出任 特區的敎育統籌局局長。 六年來的進展 過去六年,能夠出任香港中文大學的校長,我深 感榮幸。在任六年所經歷的轉變不可謂不多一一 香港過渡九七,成為中國的特別行政區;中大於 一九九七年七月一日換了監督,大學校董會於同年 十月換了主席;而人類亦於二零零一年踏進了新的 世紀、新的千禧年。 伴隨轉變而來的,雖然是不明朗的前景,但也是向 前邁進的契機。就在政治過渡期的困頓、經濟衰 退、全球化和資源緊縮的交織之中,中大成功駕馭 了轉變,抓緊了機遇,茁壯得比六年前更強更大, 實在值得欣慰。相較一九九五至九六年度,中大 今年的學生人數增加了一成七,增加的部分主要 是硏究生;從校外取得的硏究資助增加了百分之 一百一十三,達一億七千五百萬港元;中大開辦的 課程也由一百七十八項增至二百七十三項,其中很 多新設課程屬跨學科和自資的硏究院課程;而大學 的儲備金更於數年間升至八億二千萬港元。這不能 不歸功於同期推行的連串管理效率檢討、一絲不苟 的工作流程重組,以及具創意和有成效的資源管理 措施。要知道,過去的六年,也正是政府持續削減 大學經費的六年。 尤值得再次一提的,是中大在二零零一至二零零四 年度的三年撥款期中,從大學敎育資助委員會所取 At the point of writing this review, which is my sixth and last as Vice-Chancellor of the University, I have already submitted my resignation to the University Council. At the invitation of the Chief Executive of the HKSAR, who is also Chancellor of the University, I have agreed to assume the new position of Secretary for Education and Manpower from 1st August 2002. Progress in Six Years Looking back, I deem it my privilege and good fortune to have had the opportunity to serve The Chinese University in my present capacity over the last six years, which was a period of continuous flux: Hong Kong went through the 1997 transition to become a Special Administrative Region of China, the University had a new Chancellor on 1st July 1997 and a new Council Chairman in October the same year, and humankind as a whole entered a new century, indeed a new millennium, in 2001. Change is as much associated with uncertainty as it is with opportunity. Amidst the trials and tribulations of political transition, economic recession, globalization, and budget cuts, it is gratifying to see The Chinese University harnessing change, making full use of opportunities that came its way, and emerging stronger than ever after six years. Compared with 1995-96, student enrolment has increased by 17 per cent, mostly in the postgraduate sector; research income in the form of external grants has increased by 113 per cent to reach HK$175 million in 2001-2; the number of academic programmes has increased from 178 to 273, many of the new ones being interdisciplinary in nature and self-financing postgraduate programmes; and University reserves have grown to a comfortable level of some HK$820 million, which is a result of continuous management efficiency 校長報告 VICE-CHANCELLOR'S REVIEW 2