Annual Report 2005–06

引言 Introduction Campus Development Since its establishment more than four decades ago, the University has grown continuously. Much to our delight, however, its campus has become greener during the process. We are proud of this tradition, and shall continue to preserve our beautiful campus as we grow and develop. New facilities, to the extent that they are needed, are built in such a way that the environmental ambience of the campus is sustainable. In early 2006, our energy-saving efforts won us a gold medal in the first Hong Kong Energy Efficiency Awards organized by the government. During the year, we set up a Steering Committee on Campus Master Planning. Comprising scholars, experts and professional consultants, the committee is principally tasked to draft a blueprint for the University’s campus development for the next 15 to 20 years. We also put in place a strict tree-preservation policy, the implementation of which is monitored by our Campus Landscaping Enhancement Committee. I have every confidence in the University community’s determination to protect our lush and beautiful campus, which we all hold dear. Conclusion The Annual Report gives us an opportunity to reflect on the results of our past endeavours so that we can plan better for the future. The Chinese University has done itself proud in 2005-06, thanks to the joint efforts of all its members. To my colleagues and to our alumni community in particular, I am deeply grateful. For over 40 years, The Chinese University has built upon its unique history and heritage, adding strength to strength, and eventually establishing for itself its rightful place among important seats of learning in the Asia-Pacific. We shall continue to forge ahead in the year to come and aim for even greater progress. Lawrence J. Lau Vice-Chancellor July 2006 授和鄭振耀教授,他們各有專責範圍。此外,新亞 書院院長黃乃正教授與聯合書院院長馮國培教授 亦再獲委任,生物系關海山教授則當選為理學院院 長,他們的任期都是三年。 校園發展 大學迅速發展,教研活動日益增加,我們必須進一 步發展校園,增設新設施,方能維持優良的教研環 境,提升教育質素。中大向來堅持可持續發展,致 力保護環境,加強綠化,節省能源。二零零六年初, 政府舉辦首屆香港能源效益獎,中大即奪得大專 院校組的最高榮譽金獎。年內我們還成立了「校園 總體規劃督導委員會」,成員包括專家學者和專業 顧問,為中大校園未來十五至二十年的發展,繪製 總體規劃藍圖。我們亦公布了新一套校園樹木保育 政策,並由「校園景觀美化委員會」的師生成員和 校外專家負責監察,全力建設可持續發展的校園。 我深信中大人都愛護環境,還會身體力行,善用能 源,同心協力保護我們山明水秀、綠意盎然的美麗 校園。 結語 年報是大學在過去一個學年工作的總結,我們藉 此回顧往績,為未來作好準備。中大在年內取得美 滿成績,全賴同人的努力,我謹此致以衷心謝意。 中大憑藉本身獨特的歷史傳統,四十多年來不斷精 進,至今在國際高等學府之林卓然而立。我深信同 人會繼續堅持不懈,亦期盼中大可於來年取得更大 進展。 校長 劉遵義 二零零六年七月