Annual Report 2005–06

I ntroduction 引言 過去一年,香港中文大學收穫豐富,在許多方面都進步長足。我在上一本年報的引言說,相信在回 顧二零零五至零六年度時,可以「向大家報告更多喜訊、更多佳績。」我很高興做到了。中大有穩 固的根基和優秀的人才,實力雄厚,潛質無限;大家同心協力,必能再接再厲,更上層樓。 劉遵義校長 Prof. Lawrence J. Lau 2005-06 was a bountiful year for The Chinese University of Hong Kong. At the close of the 2004-05 academic year, I had looked forward to being ‘in a position to report on successes of our University in the next annual report’. Much to my pleasure, that wish has now come true. With a sound foundation, abundant expertise and a strong sense of solidarity among its members, the University has all it needs to achieve continuous advancement.