Annual Report 2005–06

引言 Introduction 制定策略計劃 勾畫發展藍圖 中大自創校始,即以「結合傳統與現代,融會中國 與西方」為宗旨,致力發展成卓越的研究型綜合大 學。為實現這個宏願,大學必須釐清目標。這個學 年裡,我們最重要的工作是制定了《策略計劃》, 確立中大未來十年的發展方向。這份文件經過周詳 研討和廣泛諮詢而擬定,於二零零六年初公布,對 中大意義極大,對我校長遠的發展至為重要。從詮 釋中大的教育理念,到提升學術水平,改善學生的 學習生活素質,為四年學制作準備,以至加強各類 支援措施等環節,《策略計劃》都有詳盡論述。其 選定的五大重點研究領域,即中國研究、生物醫學 科學、訊息科學、經濟與金融、地球信息與地球科 學,年內已展開組織工作,相關委員會業已成立, 預計來年會有實質的進展。 成立新書院 《策略計劃》的重點之一,是籌建新書院。二零一二 年,大學回復四年本科學制,新生將驟增三千,從 此中大的本科生人數會維持在一萬二千的水平。因 此,我們亟需成立新書院,以鞏固書院制度,照顧 屆時增收的本科新生。書院制是中大創校至今的優 良傳統,其貢獻在於提供親切融洽的環境、通識教 育和非形式教育。二零零六年五月,承蒙晨興基金 及晨興教育基金惠捐港幣一億元,何善衡慈善基 金慨捐一億七千萬元,中大得以成立兩所規模較小 的新書院,分別命名為晨興書院和善衡書院。前者 計劃取錄三百人,後者則會收生六百,兩者均採用 全宿共膳的模式,旨在凝聚親切融洽的群體,促進 師生交流。得到社會賢達鼎力支持中大的教育理 想,我們十分鼓舞;我特別要向晨興基金、晨興教 育基金和何善衡慈善基金會,致以由衷的謝意。新 Formulating a Strategic Plan for Development To realize its aspiration to be an outstanding comprehensive research university that combines tradition with modernity and brings together China and the West, CUHK needs to define clearly its educational ideals and specify precisely the directions for its future development. After extensive consultations and discussions, the University formulated a Ten-Year Strategic Plan , which was adopted in February 2006. The document sets out plans for enhancing the quality of education, enriching the educational experience of students, preparing for a four-year undergraduate curriculum, and improving academic support facilities. It also identifies five major areas of scholarship — Chinese Studies, Biomedical Sciences, Information Sciences, Economics and Finance, and Geoinformation and Earth Sciences — for focused investment with new incremental resources. These areas, already strong at CUHK, have the potential for achieving exceptional distinction and world-class impact. Steering committees have already been set up for these five areas and we expect to see significant progress in each very soon. New Colleges Another important thrust proposed in the Strategic Plan is the establish- ment of new colleges in anticipation of a permanent increase in our undergraduate enrol- ment of approximately 3,000 when the Uni- versity reverts to a four-year curriculum in 2012. CUHK takes great pride in and attaches great importance to its college system. The colleges provide a congenial learning environment as well as pastoral care and non-formal education, all of which are instrumental in the nurturing of young talent. To meet the educational needs of a much enlarged undergraduate population, estimated at 12,000 by 2012, the University has to establish new colleges of varying sizes and modes, which will in turn give CUHK students more choice in selecting college affiliations. We were most fortunate to have won significant community support for the cause, and raised substantial private donations for the purpose. In May 2006, the Morningside Foundation and Morningside Education Foundation made a gift of HK$100 million to the University for the establishment of Morningside College, and the S.H. Ho Foundation donated HK$170 million to set up S.H. Ho College. The former will accommodate 300 students and the latter 600. Both will operate on a fully residential basis with communal dining facilities with a view to fostering close interaction between teachers and students, and enriching their college life 辛世文教授 Prof. Samuel Sun Sai-ming 莫理斯教授 Prof. Sir James Mirrlees