Annual Report 2005–06

56 傑 出 研 究 計 劃 Outstanding Research Project 良 橋助學夢成真」」為一項跨越中港兩地的聯校建橋項目,由香港中文 大學建築系吳恩融教授發起,除了獲得香港理工大學、香港科技大 學、西安交通大學及香港環保建築專業議會等機構的學者、專業人士和學生 支持外,更得到英國著名結構工程師Anthony Hunt協助,以及香港前布政司 鍾逸傑爵士為項目贊助人及提供寶貴意見。經過一年多的籌備,於二零零五 年七月,六十多名中、港義工成功於甘肅省毛寺村興建跨越約八十米河面的 「無止橋」。逾一千五百名村民可安全渡河。 「無止橋」的建造著重就地取材及適當運用當地既有資源,並因應地利而設 計,務求做到貼近生活、融入環境。橋樑的興建亦採用了預製組件,以減省在 工地進行的工序及時間。此外,橋的設計具極高水準的科學專業及包容性, 主要以人手用簡單工具建造。「無止橋」的建造無須依靠精準技術或熟練技 巧,真正達致永續理念。 該計劃在建築界亦起示範作用,於本地及海外屢獲殊榮。除獲香港建築 師學會二零零五年年獎──會員香港境外作品獎及國際著名建築雜誌 The Architectural Review 選為二零零五年新進建築獎──高度推介,以及美國 建築師學會的嘉許獎外,亦獲英國皇家建築師學會頒發英國皇家建築師學 會二零零六年年獎──國際獎項,成為該獎項自一九六六年成立以來唯一獲 獎的國內建築項目。 ‘A Bridge Too Far, A Dream Come True’ is a cross-border joint university project initiated by the CUHK Department of Architecture with the participation of PolyU, HKUST, Xian Jiaotong University and Hong Kong Professional Green Building Council, and the support of British structural engineer Prof. Anthony Hunt. Sir David Akers-Jones, the former Chief Secretary of Hong Kong, was the adviser and patron. Meticulously planned for over a year by more than 60 volunteers from Hong Kong and Mainland China, Wu Zhi Qiao, which straddles a 80- metre wide river in Maosi Village of Gansu province, was completed on 17 July 2005. The bridge was designed with intimate consideration of both local resource availability and landscape. Prefabricated components were used during the construction to minimize on- site processing and time. Moreover, the bridge was built largely by hand using simple tools. The sustainable design is based on a combination of appropriate science and technology and characteristics of adequate design tolerance and ease of maintenance. ’A Bridge Too Far’ won the Award for Members’ Work Outside of Hong Kong of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects Annual Awards 2005, the Awards for Emerging Architecture 2005 — Highly Recommended of The Architectural Review in the UK, and the Citation Award of the American Institute of Architects. Recently it also received the ‘RIBA International Award 2006 of the Annual Award of the Royal Institute of British Architects and was the only project awarded in China since the establishment of the award in 1966. 「 良橋助學夢成真 A Bridge Too Far, A Dream Come True