Annual Report 2005–06

研究 Research 57 法 律學院其中一項研究是麥高偉教授(Prof. Mike McConville)及紐約大學 Prof. Chester Mirsky 的《陪審制度與辯訴交易》,該著作於2005年由Hart Publishing 出版。 此項研究推翻了主流法律史學者對美國刑事司法制度演化的傳統說法,並在透過刑事個案的處理以 控制低下階層這議題上,拓展了新視野。該研究引用了大量的經驗數據,表明法律在當時已成為地方 政治調和社會控制與顧客至上主義的一種手段。 社會一法律研究學界的元老 Prof. Rick Abel 形容該研究「以詳盡的數據資料,提供了獨特的歷史角 度,分析辯訴交易如何在十九世紀中於美國崛起」。法律理論學者 Prof. Lacey 指,該研究乃一本經 典的社會學及法律學著作,適合對犯罪學、刑事司法、現代歷史或社會理論有興趣的人閱讀。Prof. Baxi說,該著作為所述的議題開闢了新的角度。著名的《英國犯罪學期刊》的書評也指該書「將會給 現時及將來的研究提供更多啟發」。中國檢察出版社於二零零六年出版該書中文版,書名為《陪審制 度與辯訴交易》。 A research project undertaken by Prof. Mike McConville and Prof. Chester Mirsky of New York University has been published as Jury Trials and Plea Bargaining (Hart Publishing, 2005). The research overturned conven- tional explanations of the evolu- tion of American criminal justice propounded by leading legal historians and sheds new light on the utilization of the method of case disposition in criminal cases as a means of securing control of an underclass. At the heart of the account is a massive empirical data-set which demonstrates how law became a resource by which local politics sought to reconcile contradictory motions of social control and clientelism. Prof. Rick Abel, the doyen of socio-legal scholarship, says that Jury Trials and Plea Bargaining ‘offers the best historical account of [plea bargain’s] emergence in mid-nineteenth century America, based upon exhaustive analysis of archival data’. Prof. Lacey, the leading legal theorist has described the research as ‘a classic socio-legal study and should be read by anyone interested in criminology, criminal justice, modern history or social theory’; Prof. Baxi describes it as ‘path-breaking’; and a review in the prestigious British Journal of Criminology described the book as one that will ‘inform and inspire both current and future research’. The book has been published in 2006 by the Law Press, Beijing. 傑 出 研 究 計 劃 Outstanding Research Project 陪審制度與辨訴交易 Book Jury Trials and Plea Bargaining Research