Annual Report 2005–06

校園發展與環境保護 Campus Development and Environmental Protection 87 Capital Programmes Project Definition Statement (PDS) and Technical Feasibility Study (TFS) for four capital projects related to the ‘3+3+4’ academic reform received full support from the UGC. • Third Integrated Teaching Building • Centralized General Research Lab Complex (Block 1) • Student amenity centre • University Library Extension on Central Campus The Third Integrated Teaching Building forms part of a row of three new teaching blocks along Station Road. Meanwhile, close liaison was established with the government for the Lot Extension Application of Pak Shek Kok Area 39 below Shaw College and the adjoining University Circuit North. Preparation of the Public Work Subcommittee has been in fair progress for a teaching building at Chak Cheung Street and the 1,500-place student hostels. Steady progress was recorded on the capital projects. For the Centralized Science Laboratories Building, external finishing works were nearly completed by June 2006 and the internal finishes, services and laboratory furniture installation proceeded at full steam in order to finish by the end of 2006. Foundation works for the Teaching Complex on Western Campus were intermittently suspended due to noise and vibration issues. The contractor will carry out non-vibrating works in full swing during the summer break of 2006 to make up for the delay. Foundation works of the Centre for Chinese Archaeology and Art were completed and works on the superstructure are in good progress, targeting for completion by the second quarter of 2007. Alteration, Additional and Improvement Works (AA&I) Renovation of the second floor of the Bank of America Tower, the third and fourth floors of the Mong Man Wai Building, and the Law Library on the fourth floor of the Tin Ka Ping Building were completed in the new 築協會評估該建築物在設計、建築及環保方面的出 色表現。 基建工程 為迎接三三四學制,下述四個基建項目的「工程界 定書」和「技術可行性說明書」已獲教資會審批同 意: ·校園的新教學大樓第三座 ·綜合科研實驗室大樓第一座 ·學生活動中心 ·中央校園的大學圖書館擴建大樓 位於車站路的新教學大樓第三座,屬於三座相連的 教學大樓之一,為大學提供教學設施。而位於逸夫 書院和環迴北路間的三十九區土地,透過與政府的 緊密聯繫,策劃工作已經展開。澤祥街教學大樓和 一千五百個宿位學生宿舍工務小組委員會文件即將 完成,並提交立法會財務委員會審批。 基建項目的工程進度良好。科學實驗室專門大樓的 外牆已大致完成;內部正進行裝修以趕及在二零零 六年底前峻工。校園西陲綜合大樓的地基工程,因 打樁噪音和震盪問題,工程只可間歇性進行。承建 商承諾於二零零六年暑假期間全速進行工序。中國 考古文物及藝術中心的地基工程亦已經完成,上蓋 工程進度良好;預計於二零零七年第二季峻工。 大型翻新及改善工程 配合新成立的法律學院,校園增設多項設施,包括 模擬法庭和法學院圖書館等,並已完成多處全面翻 游泳池更衣室正進行太陽能熱水系統改裝工程 Installation of solar water heating at swimming pool showers 進行上蓋工程的中國 考古文物及藝術中心 Centre for Chinese Archaeology and Art