Annual Report 2005–06

86 校園發展與環境保護 C ampus development and environmental protection Close liaison was maintained with the University Grants Committee (UGC) over the planning of four capital projects catering for the reversion to the four-year normative curriculum in 2012. Progress was good. In the light of increasing non-local students and the government’s support for exchange activities, an application for additional hostel places was submitted to the UGC. Energy efficient features and renewable technologies were incorporated extensively in all capital and AA&I projects. This policy is supported by the government, as evidenced by the funding approved for the installation of solar water heating at 27 student hostels and the swimming pool showers, totaling HK$15 million. The new Centralized Science Laboratories Building, targeted for completion before end of 2006, is under the Hong Kong Building Environmental Assessment Method (HK- BEAM) assessment. 中大與大學教育資助委員會(教資會)緊密聯繫, 年內,四項與四年學制相關的基建項目策劃工作 均取得良好進展,甄選及聘請顧問公司的招標文 件已初步獲得教資會審核,確保有關工程能於二零 一二年年初完成,另外,隨著非本地生的增加和教 資會對交流計劃的支持,大學已向教資會申請增加 宿位。 為配合大學對環保校園持續改進的承諾,校園所有 基建項目和大型翻新工程均切實採用高能源效益 設計和再生能源技術。這理念得到教資會的大力支 持,並撥款一千五百萬元建造太陽能熱水系統供應 學生宿舍和游泳池更衣室熱水。將於二零零六年底 前落成的科學實驗室專門大樓,現正由香港環保建 正進行室內裝修的 科學實驗室專門大樓 Centralized Science Laboratories Building