Annual Report 2006–07

研究 Research 55 倪 玉菁教授(教育心理學系)負責的研究計 劃「課程改革成效研究:尋求課堂教學實 踐變化的證據」,由研資局和國家教育部基礎教 育課程教材發展中心資助,目的是考察中國內地 現行的基礎教育課程改革,對數學科課堂教學實 踐和學生學習的影響與成效。 該研究的樣本為中國河南省鄭州二十所小學約三 千四百名小五及小六學生,他們須於兩年內接受 三次數學測試。 研究顯示,新課程組的學生在解決複雜數學問題 (即關於解釋、證明和應用)方面,優於傳統課 程組的學生;但在基本數學計算能力方面則稍 遜。後續的分析將進一步研究教師的理念和教學 行為,如何影響這兩組學生的學習成果。 這研究計劃以個體和課室為分析單位,從多側面 和發展性的視角,為課程改革的成效提供了不可 多得的實證論證,進而從概念架構和研究方法兩 方面,提供了如何進行課程改革成效研究的一個 範例。 The project is funded by the RGC and the National Center for School Curriculum and Textbook Development, Ministry of Education. Led by Prof. Ni Yujing (Department of Educational Psychology), the project investigates whether or not the current curriculum reform initiatives in compulsory education of mainland China has influenced classroom practice and student learning in mathematics. About 3,400 P.5 and P.6 students from 20 schools in Zheng Zhou, Henan, were sampled for the research. They were asked to take a set of mathematics assessment tasks three times over two years. It was found that for complex problem solving tasks that require mathematical explanation, the new curriculum students performed better than the traditional curriculum students; while for the basic mathematical calculation tasks, they did poorer than their counterparts. Further analyses are being undertaken to examine how teachers’ beliefs and instructional behaviours affected the student learning outcomes. The study provides much-needed, multi-faceted and longitudinal evidence about effects of curriculum reform at both individual (student) and classroom levels (teacher and classroom). It offers a prime example to illustrate a conceptual framework and research design for studying effects of curriculum reforms. 傑出研究計劃 Outstanding Research Project 教育學院 Faculty of Education