Annual Report 2006–07

56 由 吳克利教授 (電子工程學系)、劉永昌教 授 (訊息工程學系)及嚴厚民教授(系統 工程與工程管理學系)開發的端對端無線射頻系 統(RFID),可應用於食品倉庫管理。該研究獲得 創新及科技基金及業界分別資助五百萬港元及九 十萬港元。 RFID由硬件系統、中間件系統和應用平台三部分 組成。硬件系統主要包括超高頻段、高達30K字 節的數據存儲裝置、讀寫器和標籤、標準數據接 口、完整的傳感器功能,以及令標籤工作時間比 使用ISO18000-7技術延長二百倍的節電技術。 中間件系統用於跟蹤和標籤的位置、數據分享和 讀寫器訪問、數據提取、讀寫器連通、支持傳感 器數據。中間件是低成本而高效的解決方案,將 作為開放資源。 應用平台名為食品安全與質量管理系統,特別針 對全球食品供應鏈設計,是一套周全的管理系 統。它可配合有源RFID(裝有傳感器)和無源 RFID系統使用,使食品由栽種養殖、加工、運輸 至倉儲各個環節,都得到全程監控,確保食品安 全無虞。 採用這系統的企業用戶,可在倉庫管理系統及企 業資源規劃等應用軟件上,預先設定標準與準 則。一旦食品出現異常情況,便可即時透過機制 的中間件發現問題,並得知問題發生在何時、何 地,以及如何發生,從而迅速反應。 An end-to-end Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system is developed by the joint effort of Prof. Wu Keli (Department of Electronic Engineering), Prof. Lau Wing-cheong (Department of Information Engineering) and Prof. Yan Houmin (Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management). It was sponsored by the Innovation and Technology Fund and the industry with HK$5 million and HK$0.9 million respectively. The system consists of a hardware system, a middleware system, and an application platform. The main specifications of the hardware system included UHF bands, data storage of up to 30K byte, multiple readers and tags, standard data interface, integrated sensor capabilities, and IP protected power saving technology, which allows more than 200 times longer tag working hours and extended range than that of the ISO18000-7 standard. The middleware system is developed for tag tracking and tracing, data sharing and reader accessing, data abstraction, reader connectivity, and sensor data support. The middleware is a cost-effective solution and is going to be an open-source. Application platform is a complete and specific design for a global food supply chain, named Food Safety and Quality Management System, which integrates active RFID (with sensors) and passive RFID systems to achieve the extended visibility for the food safety requirements during cultivation, process, transportation and storage phases. With the system, the players could know exactly when, where, and what happened when abnormalities turn up according to the customized criteria on the enterprise level application such as Warehouse Management System, Enterprise Resource Planning. 傑出研究計劃 Outstanding Research Project 工程學院 Faculty of Engineering