Annual Report 2006–07

余 濟美教授(化學系)領導的光催化研究小 組,成功合成多種新穎納米材料和薄膜, 在環境淨化方面廣為應用。與傳統催化劑(又稱 觸媒)粉末比較,新物料效能更高,易於回收, 且可大幅提高淨化和殺菌能力。這些技術獲得了 四項專利,研究小組和環境業界已合作開發了多 款光催化空氣清新和水處理系統的商品。 新的催化技術物料具有高活性,並可因應需要, 添加特別功能,用於自動清洗建築物料、抗菌表 層、光催化污染處理,適用於環境健康及建築行 業。 研究小組多次獲國際雜誌評為論文「被引用最多 作者」。由二零零二年至二零零七年九月,全國 大學及科研機構在國際期刊上共發表了二千一百 多篇關於光催化的論文,其中余教授一篇有 關氟 摻雜二氧化鈦 的文章共被引用一百七十二次,名 登榜首。 The photocatalysis research team, led by Prof. Yu Chai-mei Jimmy (Department of Chemistry), has fabricated novel nanomaterials and thin films for environmental applications. These highly active and easily recyclable materials overcome the limitations of traditional catalyst powders. Pollution treatment and bactericidal efficiencies are drastically improved. The nanotechnology-based preparation methods were awarded four patents. In collaboration with an industrial partner, photocatalytic air purification and water treatment systems have been commercialized. The new photocatalysts possess extremely high activities and can be modified to achieve special functions. They could be applied on self- cleaning building materials, anti-bacterial coatings and catalysts for pollution treatment. The technology is ideal for the environmental health and construction industries. The CUHK research team was bestowed the honour of ‘Most Cited Author’ several times. Among 2,100 journal papers published in the field of photocatalysis from all institutions in China from 2002 to September 2007, the article on fluorine-doped titanium dioxide published by Prof. Yu tops the list with 172 citations. 余濟美教授 Prof. Yu Chai-mei Jimmy 傑出研究計劃 Outstanding Research Project 理學院 Faculty of Science 58