Annual Report 2006–07

東 江流域枯水特徵計算與水資源管理」由研 資局資助,研究員包括陳永勤教授、馮通 教授、梁怡教授(中大地理與資源管理學系), 夏軍博士(中國科學院)、邵全喜博士(澳洲聯 邦科學與工業研究組織)、陳敏建博士(中國水 利部)及陳曉宏教授(中山大學)。 高度開發的東江流域水資源,主要用於供水、發 電、航運、灌溉,以及淡水壓鹹,所以,該流域 的枯水徑流及乾旱情況,對於水資源的可靠性與 脆弱性極為重要。 這研究主要運用水文學分析方法研究枯水徑流特 徵,並運用水文類比手段分析東江流域在枯水徑 流情況下的水資源優化配置。研究同時也評核了 枯水徑流對水質和水資源的應用的影響,並運用 多目的程式法優化水資源系統,以滿足水資源管 理政策與決策的需求。 這項目具有重大科學價值的研究,其成果已在四 個國際會議上宣讀,並在七篇國際期刊論文中發 表。 「 This project was funded by the RGC’s earmarked grant. The investigators included Prof. Chen Yongqin, Prof. Fung Tung, and Prof. Leung Yee (Department of Geography and Resource Management, CUHK), Dr. Jun Xia (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Dr. Shao Quanxi (CSIRO Australia), Dr. Chen Minjian ( Ministry of Water Resources), and Prof. Chen Xiaohong (Sun Yat-sen University). Water resources in the East River basin have been highly developed and heavily committed for a variety of uses such as water supply, hydropower, navigation, irrigation, and suppression of seawater invasion. Low-flow conditions and hydrologic droughts are obviously very crucial to the reliability and vulnerability of the East River water resources systems. This study employed hydrologic analysis methods for low-flow characterization and modelling techniques for optimization of water resources systems under low-flow conditions for the East River basin. Impacts of low flows on water quality and other water uses were assessed and multi-objective programming techniques were applied to optimize water resources systems for the formulation of management strategies and plans. This project has demonstrated important scientific merits and the results of the project had been reported in four international conferences and seven international journal articles. 傑出研究計劃 Outstanding Research Project 社會科學院 Faculty of Social Science 研究 Research 59