Annual Report 2008–09

55 服 務 香 港 放 眼 世 界 Services to Hong Kong and the World 「鱷不凡.com」網站,推廣鱷魚肉鑒證和 食用的知識。 大學全資的香港生物科技研究院,致力生 物技術和傳統中醫藥的研究及開發,該院 與格蘭柏生化科技有限公司獲創新科技 署創新及科技基金資助,研發生產DNA 藥物及疫苗的低成本生產平台,進展良 好,並吸引了中國農業科學院哈爾濱獸醫 研究所農業部動物流感重點實驗室(實驗 室)的參與。哈爾濱獸醫研究所發明了家 禽H5N1 DNA 流感疫苗,而研究院與格 蘭柏則負責提供技術平台,以生產實驗室 所有家禽實驗中需要的高質量疫苗。這個 合作項目成功生產了一種比傳統蛋疫苗明 顯優勝的新型DNA疫苗。 生物科技研究院另一個為期兩年的項目亦 獲得創新及科技基金資助,發展近紅外光 譜技術,以實現傳統中藥原材料品質控制 的現代化。這是該院首次將過程分析技術 應用於中藥學研究,希望能對中成藥生產 和製備產生影響。另外,研究院還參與了 準捷有限公司開發快速診斷試劑的研究。 是年度,工商管理學院的教授積極帶領各 研究中心進行多項應用研究,詳細分析不 同行業的最新市場發展、公共基礎建設 等,並透過研討會及傳媒發布有關研究結 果,供業界和市民參考。有關研究包括: •「速遞業在珠三角地區的競爭力研究」 (利豐供應鏈管理及物流研究所) •「香港國際機場─深圳機場快速鐵路 連接的可行性及其影響的初步研究」 (航空政策研究中心) •「香港創投基金與科技商品化研究」 (創業研究中心) 亞太工商研究所致力為各企業提供行政 培訓、研究及顧問服務,務求將商學院卓 越的教研成果回饋工商界。是年度,該所 為政府部門和多家大型企業如瑞信、滙豐 銀行、國家發展銀行、港鐵公司等舉辦了 一系列行政培訓課程、座談會及研討班, 不少是為企業量身訂劃的商業方案。研究 所轄下的研究中心致力把研究成果應用 於香港工業。 Institute of Materia Medica. He has extensive contacts with the local herbal medicine industry and established a ‘’ website to help disseminate knowledge on the authentication and consumption of crocodile meat. The Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology (HKIB), a full subsidiary of CUHK, is dedicated to R&D in both biotechnology and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In the first year of a collaborative research with GreenPak Biotech Ltd., funded by ITF, progress was made in the development of a cost-effective production platform that enables future plasmid DNA therapeutics and vaccine. The research led to a collaboration with the Animal Influenza Lab of the Ministry of Agriculture at Harbin Veterinary Research Institute (HVRI), a subordinate of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. In this collaboration, HKIB and GreenPak Biotech provide the technology platform for making high quality H5N1 plasmid based DNA vaccine for poultry invented by HVRI. The success of this project will lead to a new vaccine for H5N1 that carries many advantages over the traditional egg-based vaccine. HKIB received ITF funding for a two-year project for developing Near Infrared Spectroscopic technique for the modernization of quality control of TCM raw materials. Being the first research at the institute to apply Process Analytical Technology in TCM, it is set to make an impact in TCM manufacturing operations. The institute also entered into a research collaboration with FastGen International Ltd. to enhance the development of point-of-care rapid diagnostics. Various research centres led by faculty members of the Faculty of Business Administration have conducted applied research which has important implications for the community and for industry. Insights gained by the research projects are shared with industry practitioners and the public through seminars, workshops and the media. In the year under review, these research projects included : • ‘Competitiveness of Express Industry in PRD’ by the Li & Fung Institute of Supply Chain Management & Logistics • ‘Feasibility and Implications of a Hong Kong International Airport and the Shenzhen Airport Rail Connection’ by the Aviation Policy and Research Center • ‘Hong Kong’s Venture Capital System and the Commercialization of New Technology’ by the Centre for Entrepreneurship The APIB supports the business community in the form of executive training, research and consultancy services, by building on the teaching and research excellence of the Faculty of Business Administration. In 2008–09, APIB organized a series of executive programmes, seminars and workshops for the Hong Kong Government and a variety of corporations such as Credit Suisse, HSBC, China Development Bank, and MTRC. Some programmes were customized to provide business solutions unique to the corporations. 生物科技研究院開發的快速診斷測試盒 Rapid diagnostic test kit developed by HKIB