Bulletin Vol. 1 No. 1 Jun 1964

United College Endowment Fund T h e Board of Trustees of United College appointed an ad hoc Committee, under the Chairmanship of Mr. Cheung Yok Luen, former Chairman of the T u n g Wah Hospitals, to launch an Endowment Fund Campaign in September last year. T he F und is to be used for the furtherance of the aims and objects of the College, including the advancement of higher education, promotion of student welfare, provision of scholarships and bursaries for needy students. The campaign was pu t to a good start by a sum of $500,000 donated by Mrs. Cheung Chuk Shan, mother of Mr. Cheung Yok Luen. T h e fund has since been continu- ously augmented by generous donations from members of the Board of Trustees of the College as well as the general public. It is learned that the Fund now totals HK$1,128,103. Papers Presented The Department of Chinese Literature of New Asia College displayed in late February all the essays and read- ing reports written by students required to take first- and second-year Chinese during the past one and a half years. These papers were preserved with teachers' corrections with a view to show what common mistakes there were, so that ways could be found to improve teaching efficiency and methods. English Practicum A three-day English Practicum for teachers of English as a second language in Hong Kong was held under the sponsorship of the English Department of New Asia College on February 8-11 , 1964. More than 130 teachers from primary and middle schools and institutions of higher learning attended the meetings which were addressed, in five lectures, by Miss Anne Cochran, Head of the Department of Western Languages, Tunghai University, Taiwan. Complementing her speeches was a series of five films, 'Principles and Methods of Teaching a Second Language', which explained and gave demonstrations of the aural-oral approach to language learning, and of the applications of linguistics to language teaching. T h e films were later discussed by panels of participants. In addition, the conference participants divided into smaller groups in which further examples of teaching methods and materials were presented. These groups were led by members of the New Asia English Department. Merchant of Venice Th e Dramatic Society of the United College presented a Shakespearean play, The Merchant of Venice, in Cantonese on April 2, 3 and 4 , in the City Hall. Th e Play was produced by Mr. Yao Hsin-nung, a Lecturer of the College and a Chinese playwright and producer. T h e aims of the production were to participate in the celebration of the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's birth and to raise a Student Welfare Loan Fund to be operated by the Students' Union of the College. Mr. Robert N . Rayne, Chung Chi College Th e New Vice-President of Chung Chi College, Mr. Robert N. Rayne, and his wife and daughter arrived Hong Kong on February 15 to assume his post. Mr. Rayne, aged 50, served actively in the RAF during the war as a pilot in the Bomber Squadron. He was for a time a prisoner of war in Germany. After the war, he joined the newly established Univer sity of Keele in 1950 as a lecturer of classics and warden of Horwood Hall. T h e University of Keele has been known for its success in experimenting progressive educational methods. Religious Emphasis Week at Chung Chi T h e week between March 31 and April 3 was the Religious Emphasis Week at Chung Chi College. Special services were held each morning throughout the week. Dr. Chow Lien Hwa of Taiwan Baptist Theological Seminary was the guest speaker. EX T ERNA L EXAM INERS T h e following is a list of 17 external examiners for the forthcoming degree examination: Accounting and Finance —Mr. H. J. Shen, Joint Manager, Hong Kong and Shang hai Banking Corporation, Hong Kong; Business Adminis- tration 一 Dr. Robert I. Chien, Director of Marketing Research, G. D. Searle & Co ., Illinois; Botany—Prof. Li Hui Lin, University of Pennsylvania; Chemistry—Prof. J. Miller, University of Hong Kong; Chinese—Prof. Wang Su-ming, University of Singapore; Economics— Prof. Tsiang Shih-chieh, University of Rochester; English —Prof. Liang Shih-chiu, National Normal University, Taiwan ; Fine Arts—Prof. Yu Chun-chih, Taiwan University; Geography—Prof. Chiao-min Hsieh, Univer sity of Leeds; History 一 Prof. Li Tien Yi, Yale University; Mathematics—Prof. Y. C. Wong, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, University of Hong Kong; Philosophy—Prof. Wu Kang, Taiwan University; Physics—Prof. Thong Saw Pak, Malaya University, former Member of Fulton Commission ; Religious Knowledge—Rev. E. Kvan, University of Hong Kong; Social Work—Miss Betty Wong Wing-lim, Principal Training Officer, Social Welfare Department, Hong Kong Government; Sociology—Prof. Yang Ching- kun , University of Pittsburg; and Zoology—Prof. Wang Yu-hsi, Taiwan University. UN IV ER S I TY A DM IN I S T RA T IV E STA F F Mr. Wu Hei-tak, Registrar Mr. Wu was born in 1917 in Hong Kong and educated in various local schools including King's College. He graduated from the University of Hong Kong in 1939 after having been on a King Edward VII Scholarship and a Government Scholarship for four years. Upon graduation, he was appointed University Trained Master in King's College, where he was the first teacher to teach both Chinese and English. 7