Bulletin Vol. 1 No. 1 Jun 1964

visit of Mr. Robbins Milbank Mr. Robbins Milbank, Treasurer of the Asia Founda- tion, visited United College on April 28, Accompanied by Mr. W. Mallory-Browne, Representa tive of the Asia Foundation in Hong Kong, Mr. Milbank had discussions with the College authorities on the possi bility of student exchanges and also on various aspects of development at the United College, particularly in regard to the expansion of the Language Laboratory and improve ment of facilities for English language teaching, Mr. and Mrs, Ronald Chamberlain Mr. Ronald Chamberlain, General Secretary of the Asia Christian Colleges Association, London, accom- panied by his wife, arrived in Hong Kong on October 26’ 1963. They visited Chung Chi College from October 30 to November 1. This was their first visit to the College since 1956. Mr. Chamberlain was invited to deliver an address at the Thanksgiving Service in the Chapel on October 31, the Founders' Day. Dr. William P. Fenn Dr. William P. Fenn, General Secretary of the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia, made his annual visit to Chung Chi College from November 11 to 14’ 1963. He was accompanied by Mr. James A. Cameron, Associate Treasurer of the United Board. Professor and Mrs. Chan Wing-Tsit Dr. Chan Wing-Tsit, Professor of Chinese Culture and Philosophy at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire and his wife arrived in Hong Kong on October 18, 1963 from the U.S.A. Dr. and Mrs. S. M. Lipset arrive Kai Tak Airport Professor and Mrs. Chan's trip to the Orient was to study the status of philosophy in China. At the request of the Chung Chi Research Institute of Far Eastern Studies, Professor Chan gave a series of public lectures on Chinese Philosophy at both Chung Chi and the City Hall. T h e first lecture was on ‘New Tendencies in the Study of Chinese Philosophy in America'. T h e second lecture concerned 'Wang Yang-ming and Zen Buddhism ', and the third was entitled 'A Comparison of the Confucian, Buddhist and Taoist Ideas of Principle'. Dr. Seymour M. Lipset Dr. Seymour M. Lipset, Professor of Sociology, Univer sity of California, a member of the University Advisory Board, visited Hong Kong with his wife. During their three-day stay, Professor Lipset visited and conferred with teaching staff of the three Foundation Colleges. M r. J . D. Pearson Mr. J. D. Pearson, Librarian of the Oriental and African Studies Library, University of London, who was on his way home from New Delhi, called at Hong Kong and met with the librarians of the three Foundation Colleges on January 31. Mr. Pearson had come to Hong Kong in early 1962 to study the setting up of a university library. Subsequently his report, known as Pearson Report, was prepared. COLLEGE REPORTS Installation of President and Vice-President of United College A Congregation for the installation of Mr. T . C. Cheng as President and Mr. S. K. Fang as Vice-President and for the award of College Diplomas to Graduates of 1963 was held on December 12 , 1963 in the City Hall. T h e ceremonials were officiated by the Hon. Fung Ping-Fan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the College. About four hundred guests were present. In his speech before the Congregation, the Hon. Fung Ping-Fan expressed his personal as well as the Board of T rustees' welcome to Mr. Cheng and Mr. Fang. In view of their administrative and educational experi- ences, Mr. Fung said, 'Their appointments were of much acclaim not only in our college but in education circles in Hong Kong'. T h e President of the United College in his speech to the congregation said: ' T h e pursuit of knowledge and truth transcends national boundaries. Our ambitions in United College are: to adopt whatever is best in the Chinese, British and American traditions ; to develop the College into a free academic institution having no prejudices or political bias of any kind ; to be able to participate effectively and actively in advancing knowledge and international understanding; and to produce intelli gent, informed and well-balanced men and women, possessing a sense of social responsibility, and well- equipped to assume leadership in society.' 6