Bulletin Vol. 1 No. 10 Apr 1965

and the Chinese School Certificate Examination and also Chairman of the Secondary School Entrance Examination Committee. Mr. Cheung was promoted to the grade of Senior Education Officer in 1962, and at the same time he was appointed Senior Inspector of Schools. In 1959 when the G rant Colleges (now constituent Colleges of our University) first founded their Joint Entry Examination Syndicate, Mr. Cheung was nominat ed by the Director of Education as one of its members. In the following year he was elected by the Syndicate as its Chairman. This post he continued to hold till the Syndicate was dissolved in October 1963 with the inauguration of this University. During this period he was concurrently the Examination Secretary to Joint Diploma Examination in charge of all confidential matters of that examination. (Mr. Cheung's photo in Chinese version) SENIOR LECTURERS ( By Availability of Biographies) Dr. Chia- Tsun Chen, New Asia College, Business Administration . Dr. Chen was born in Kiangsu and educated in Shanghai, China. After receiving his bachelor's degree in Commercial Science with distinction at the Shanghai College of Commerce, National Southeastern Uni versity, he took up the Chairmanship of the Department of Commerce of Kiangsu Provincial Shanghai High School and later acted as branch manager of the Manufacturers ' Bank of China in Shanghai. He was awarded a scholarship of the Chinese Govern ment for his further study in the National Hochschule fuer Welthandel in Wien, Austria, where he received his Doctor's Degree in Business Management Econo mics in 1936. T h en he transferred to the School of Economics, London University and did research on foreign exchange. Ill 1938, he returned to China and was appointed the Director of Foreign Exchange Control Department of Foreign T rad e Commission by the Government. His major task was to design and start a foreign ex change control system for the Chinese National Govern ment during the wartime. Concurrently he taught in Fuh-tan University. After the war he taught at the National Chao T ung University in Shanghai. At the same time, he served as technical expert in the Bank of Communications, Chairman of Board of Directors of Shanghai Soya Sauce Manufacturing Co. Ltd, Director of Ming Tze Woolen Textile Co. L td, managing director of the Shanghai City Ferry Co. Ltd., and took part in the work of capital market rehabilitation and in the or- ganization work of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. He came to Hongkong in 1949. He was invited in 1957 to establish the Business Administration Depart ment of New Asia College with the financial support of the local industrialists. At present Dr. Chen is a senior lecturer in Business Administration and con currently head of the Department of Business Adminis tration of New Asia College. At the same time, he is external examiner of the Department of Industrial Management of Nanyang University, Singapore. His publications are as follows: B ankwesen von China (1936 in Vienna); Chinese Wartime Foreign Exchange Control System (1940 in Chungking) ; Foreign Exchange Control System o f Germany (1940 in Chungking); Knapp's State Theory o f Money (1941 in Chungking); The Banking System of Germany (1942 in Chungking); Contributions and prospects o f Hongkong Industry (May 1959 in New Asia College); Modern Thought o f Management (Feb. 1962 in New Asia College) ; Labour Effiency o f Enterprise (Feb. 1964 in New Asia College) ; Translation of Professors Pfiffner and Sherwood's “Administrative Organization" (1964 in New Asia College) Mr. Chen Ching-ho, New Asia College, History, Mr. Chen was born in Taichung (Taiwan) in 1917, After graduated from the Keio University (Tokyo) in September 1942, he was sent to French Indochina in 1943 as an exchange scholar between Japan and France and engaged in the studies of history and language of Vietnam at the "Eco le Francaise d'Extreme- O rient" in Hanoi, After the War, Mr. Chen returned to Taiwan, and from December 1946 onwards, he began teaching at the National Taiwan University, where he was an Associate Professor in August 1950, then Full time Professor in August 1956. Meanwhile, granted a scholarship by the China Foundation (New York), Mr. Chen studied modern history of the Far Eastern countries mostly at the "In stitu t des Hautes Etudes Chinoises” (Universite de Paris) from September 1954 to October 1955. From August 1958, invited by the government of Vietnam, he taught History of Southeast Asian Countries at the University of Hue, University of Saigon and University of Dalat. Besides teaching, Mr. Chen was nominated Chairman of the Committee for the transla tion and research of Vietnamese Historical sources 3