Bulletin Vol. 2 No. 8 Mar 1966

the teaching load o f the academic staff m ust be rea sonably reduced so as to give them tim e to do research. T o achieve these aims, the V ice -C hance llo r proposed to reduce the num be r o f course exam inations, to reduce the num be r o f courses, to stream line the course contents and to increase in te r-colleg iate courses. T h e V ice -C ha nce llo r had prepared th is paper in consultation w ith the three College Presidents and the three U n iv e rs ity Deans. I t was adopted by the Senate as a programm e fo r action. T h e Senate also resolved th a t the Boards o f Studies be requested to w o rk o u t new core programmes fo r m ajor as well as m in o r subjects d u rin g the next few months, to substantiate the course contents and to increase in te r-colleg iate teaching. T h e Boards w ill re p o rt to the V ice -C ha nce llo r before the m id d le o f A ug ust th is year on th e ir tasks, so that the whole p ro gramme o f new teaching methods can be p u t in to effect in September. Docum ents on new teaching methods since M a y last year w ill be published in a special supplem ent to the next issue o f th is B u lle tin . ADM ISS ION TO THE DEPARTMENT OF JOURNALISM T h e U n iv e rs ity announced on M a rch 21, 1966 that the D e pa rtm e n t o f Journalism o f N ew Asia College was prepared to accept applications fo r adm ission. A p p lic a tio n form s are available at all College Registries. A ll students o f the three Founda tion Colleges who are now in th e ir second year can apply. T he re w ill be a q u a lify in g exam ination in Chinese com position, E nglish com position, general knowledge and one o f the fo llow in g subjects: histo ry, economics, sociology. T h e applicants w ill be in fo rm ed o f the date o f exam ination in due course. Successful can didates w ill be in te rview ed by a selection panel. T h e U n iv e rs ity has received generous donations from local newspapers to establish several scholar ships fo r students o f Journalism . A pp lica tion s fo r such scholarships m ust be subm itted to College Registries no t later than Tuesday, A p ril 26. PROGRESS REPORT OF THE DEPARTMENT OF EXTRA - MURAL STUDIES Since the inaugura tion o f the D epa rtm ent in A p ril 1965, over 110 courses have been offered, covering a w ide va rie ty o f subjects un de r the fo llow in g categories: E ast-W est U nde rstanding , Social Questions, Chinese Studies, Sociology and Social W ork, H is to ry and Geography, Psychology and Philosophy, Econom ics, P o litic a l Science, Commerce and Law , Journalism , A r t and M u sic, Science, M e d icin e and M athematics, E ducation, E nglish. Enrolment T h e figure o f enrolm ent had reached 4,600 up to the end o f February, 1966. Categories o f Students A n analysis o f the student body shows th a t over 26% are un ive rsity graduates; 36% have e ither m a tri culated or passed the School Leaving Certificate E xam ination. O thers have not indicated th e ir educa tio n a l background. S t a f f on Tour M r. T .C . L a i, D e p u ty D ire c to r, attended the A n n u a l Conference o f D ire cto rs o f Extension & Summer School at the U n iv e rs ity o f B ritis h Colum bia, V a n couver, Canada last June, He read a paper on H o n g kong's E x tra -M u ra l w o rk at the conference. In the same m on th , he attended the F irs t W o rld Conference on U n iv e rs ity A d u lt Education in Copenhagen. He was elected to the E xecutive Board fo r a term o f 5 years. In September, he represented the In te rn a tio n a l Con­ gress o f U n iv e rs ity A d u lt Education as an observer at the 4 th W o rld Conference o f the In te rn a tio n a l A s­ sociation o f U n ive rsitie s held in T o ky o . F rom O ctober to December, 1965, M r. L a i toured N o rth Am erica on a travel grant awarded by the Carnegie C orporation o f N ew Y o rk to study U n iv e rs ity A d u lt Education. Donations In June, 1965, the Rotary C lub o f H o ng K o n g Island W est donated $5,000 fo r the D e pa rtm e n t's S tudent Guidance & C ounselling Project and again in February, 1966, offered $30,000 to establish a Loan F u n d to assist deserving students accepted fo r the H o te l Management Certificate Course now being organized by the Depa rtm ent. Members o f the Provisional Boa r d T h e D e pa rtm e nt's P rovisional Board now consists o f the fo llow in g members: M r . T .C . Cheng (Chairm an) M r. J.S. Lee M rs . E llen L i Sh u -p u i M r. T .S . W ong M r. C .F . Teng P rof. T ang C h u n -i M r . Nelson Y oung M r . T .C . L a i (Secretary) 3