Bulletin Vol. 2 No. 12 Jul 1966

T H E C H I N E S E U N I V E R S I T Y O F H O N G K O N G T H E U N I V E R S I T Y BULLETIN V O L U M E T W O • J U L Y 1 9 6 6 • N U M B E R T W E L V E C O N T E N T S Page A w a rd o f H onours Degrees ............................... 1 300 Students to Receive Degrees this year ... 1 Entrance E xam ina tion o f G raduate School ... 1 908 Passed M a tric u la tio n E xam ination ... 2 Radio Programme "U n iv e rs ity R e po rt” Begins ................................................. 2 Presentation o f S ir Robert Black's P o rtra it... 3 D onations to U n iv e rs ity and C o lle g e s ............ 3 Com ings and Goings ........................................ 4 O b it u a r y . . . . . . . .... ........ ......... ........ ........ ....... 4 College N e w s ........................................................... 4 S taff P rofiles 5 AWARD OF HONOURS DEGREES Beg inning w ith the academ ic year 1965/66, firs t- degree candidates o f sufficient m e rit in th is U n iv e rs ity w ill be awarded th e ir degree w ith a m ark o f d istin ctio n term ed as “ cum l a u de” o r ' 'ma gn a cum laude” . These term s are w id e ly used in Am erican universities and colleges and are recognized in the U n ite d K in g d om as appro xim ately equivalent to "H o n o u rs " and “ F irs t Class H o n o u rs " respectively. T h e y carry the same w e ig h t as far as adm ission to advanced studies and appointm ents are concerned. T h e new measure, w h ich has ju s t been approved by the U n iv e rs ity C o un cil, is the result o f careful d e li beration w ith in the U n iv e rs ity as w e ll as consultation w ith several o f the U n iv e rs ity 's academic advisers and Comm onw ealth universities. T h is award o f degree w ith marks o f d istin ctio n w ill be subject to the strictest con tro l. A c co rd in g ly , candidates fo r the degree o f Bachelor cum laude should be nom inated by the E xam ina tion Panel concerned, w ith the agreement o f the E xternal E xam iner. N o r m ally, no t more than 20 per cent o f the first-degree candidates in any one m ajor subject may be so nom ina ted, save in exceptional circumstances where the E x terna l E xam ine r makes a very strong recommendation. In such a case e ither a m a xim um o f 30 per cent w ill apply if more than five students are in the graduating class o f the subject, or a higher percentage w ill apply i f less than five are in the graduating class o f the subject. Candidates fo r the degree o f Bachelor magna cum l aude should be specially nom inated by the E xternal E xam iner, w ith the concurrence o f the E xam ination Panel. N o rm a lly no t more than 5 per cent should be so nom inated. T h e num be r is expected to be very small, i f any at all. A ll nom ination s should be subm itte d to the U n d e r graduate E xam inations Board, w h ic h w ill present them to the Senate fo r approval. 300 STUDENTS TO RECEIVE DEGREES TH IS YEAR 300 last-year students in the U n iv e rs ity 's three F oun da tion Colleges w ill receive th e ir Bachelor's degree th is year. These in clud e 115 in the F aculty o f A rts, 67 in Science, 35 in Commerce and 83 in Social Science, 338 sat in the last D e g re e /D ip lom a E xam ina tion. ENTRANCE EXAM INAT ION OF GRADUATE SCHOOL T h e Entrance E xam ina tion o f the U n ive rsity 's G raduate School took place on J u ly 20-22 inclusive. 65 candidates too k pa rt. A ltog e the r 178 gr aduates from th is U n iv e rs ity 's F o un da tion Colleges or other un ive rsities had applied fo r adm ission, b u t after a p re lim in a ry screening, where the candidates' academic records, research plans, and theses or other w ritin g s were exam ined, on ly 140 were qu a lified to sit fo r the exam ination.