Bulletin Supplement Feb 1968

Composition 5. (1) Th e constituent Colleges o f the University shall comprise Chung Chi College , New Asia College and The United College of Hong Ko ng as Foundation Colleges and such other institutions as may f r om time to time by Ordinanc e in accordance w i th a special resolution of the Council be declared to be Colleges of the University. (2) No provision in the constitution of any of the Colleges shall be of effect if it is in conflict w i t h or is inconsistent w i th the provision s of this Ordinance. (3) No person shall be excluded f r om being a member of the University by reason of sex, race or religion. Officiers 6. (1) The Officers of the University shall be the Chancellor, the Vice-Chancellor, the Pro-Vice- Chancellor, the Treasurer, the Registrar , the Librarian and such other persons as may by special resolution be designated as Officers. (2) The Chancellor shall be the head of the University and may confer degrees in the name of the University. (3) The Governor shall be the Chancellor. (4) The Vice-Chancellor shall be the chief academic and administrative officer of the University and shall be a member of the Council and the Chairman of the Senate, and may confer degrees. (5) The Pro-Vice-Chancellor shall carry out all the functions and duties whatsoever of the Vice-Chancellor in the absence of the Vice-Chancellor, excep t that he may not confer degrees. (6) The manner and period of appointment of the Treasure r shall be as prescribed by the Statutes, and his duties shall be such as the Council may determine. Council, Senate and Convocation; their constitutions, powers and duties 7. There shall be a Council, a Senate and a Convocation whose respective constitutions, powers and duties shall be such as are prescribed by this Ordinance and the Statutes. Council. 8. The Council, subject to the provisions of this Ordinance and the Statutes, shall be the governing and executive body of the University and shall provide for the custody and use of the University seal and shall administer the property of th e University as distinct f r om that of the Colleges and shall manage the affairs of the University. Senate. 9. The Senate shall, subject to the provisions of this Ordinance and the Statutes and subject also to review by the Council, have the control and regulation of — ( a ) instruction, education and research; (b) the conducting of examinations for students; (c) the award of degrees other than degrees honoris causa ; and (d) the award of diplomas, certificates and other academic distinctions of the University. Convocation. 10. The Convocation of the University shall, subject to the provisions of this Ordinance and the Statutes, consist of the graduates and such other persons as may be prescribed by the Statutes and may make representations to the Council and th e Senate upon any matters affecting or concerning the interests of the University. Composition of the Council. 11. The Council shall consist of — ( a ) the Chairman of the Council; (b) the Vice-Chancellor; (c) the Pro-Vice-Chancellor; ( d ) the Treasurer; (e) one member elected from among its ow n members by the Board o f Governors of each of the Colleges; ( f ) the President or, where applicable, the Acting President of each of the Colleges and, where the President of any College is the Pro-Vice-Chancellor , such representative of that College as the Pro-Vice-Chancellor shall nominate; ( g) members of the Senate, equal in number to the number of the Colleges, elected by the Senate so that there shall be one membe r of the Academic Board of each College; 3